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I do find it quite interesting when searching for Loughborough transvestites on a VERY well known search engine, although come to think it of it theres really only one now, so try Google Loughborough tgirls and you'll notice a Loughborough University offering help for Transgender thats a new one on me ..

In this very modern and open society we live in now meeting up with any type of Loughborough sex contacts isn't really that hard, and true the internet has gone a long way to opening those doors, although some Loughborough trannies doors will always be shut ...but now you can find out whats going on behind the doors

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View Ads Click Here.. (57) CD/TV/TS Loughborough:-
Im an experienced transvestite but knew to using adult personals sites..Whilst I do love my dressing I'm not about to change to a female and also like being a man. As a transwoman I prefer to dress in privacy an dont have any intention of taking it further at the moment with no interest in stepping out. I wear all kinds of outfits such as lingerie, skirts, heels and love nylons, right now I'm a fiery red head (wig) but can be blonde. I am particular looking to meet with other similar trans for some mutual fun round mine .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (27) Loughborough Tgirl newbie
I'm a knew tgirl thats here to meet with other tgirls only. I've been dressing a little since at school and it all started as a bit of fun wearing my sisters school uniform, but I then realised how much I enjoyed it and since then was xdressing a little but always in the closet. I'm bi and have meet guys at cottaging sites and a few times in private and love O & A. I'm now in my own place and this is giving me the freedom to dress fully and embrace the feminine side of me thats dying to get out. I do have some outfits but not many and I'm looking to meet a more experienced tgirl so that we can have some dressing fun and hopefully advice along with something a little more hotter in the bedroom. Ideally after tgirls around my age max 30 (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. ( 45, 39) Couple for Threesome Loughborough.
we are a crossdresser and I have a girlfriend partner that knows I xdress and we meet up with others always as a couple. Please don't ask if we will meet alone as we only play / meet as couple. We are both slim and I dress fully and due to our athletic type builds and being very similar in size we often swap outfits around. We are looking to meet either single bi males or other convincing crossdressers for threesome fun. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (29) CD/TV/TS Loughborough:-
Young TV looking to meet fun people but I do prefer mature contacts especially when meeting males with no upper age limit. I usually go for older guys over 50, and tv/cd/ts girls any age really. I do like it when guys treat me as their little princess and can dress very girlie / sweet and then used as their toy. I can accom but travel within reason (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) Mature Loughborough transvestite :-
Anyone up for some NSA fun? I'm not looking for anything long term and we can meet up and have some fun. I've been dressing for 20 yrs although still in the closet and will never come out as I only dress wearing sexy lingerie. I'm versatile in the bedroom and happy to take either role so long as its safe. I can't accommodate as I'm married and the wife knows nothing about this side of my life, but I travel a lot around the UK mostly in the North East / West and stay in hotels and maybe we could arrange to meet in a hotel for some fun? I always have a little overnight bag with some fun items in we will have the freedom to enjoy ourselves. I'm happy to meet with all members so long as your just up for some fun . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (43) Filthy Tgirl Loughborough:-
I love dogging very late at night being gang banged . I like making amateur porn videos, anyone want to meet? I'll meet any member so long as I get fucked .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (30) Loughborough Pre Op TS :-
Hi I'm a bi curious 30 year old Loughborough TS girl, thats just starting to explore and thought I would start here. I've been in a monogamous relationship for the last 5 yrs but I'm starting to get urges and I need to explore these and see just how far I'll go. I'm looking to explore all kinds of meets and I'm not saying I'll meet m / f / trans or couples its really a case of if we click when we start chatting, but guys don't just send me a message asking to see my cock, that not my idea of getting to know me. I do have lots to try and one of those is having a cock inside me. I would also love to experience a threesome with a couple. Whilst I'm a TS I can't take on the role of a male when meeting others so looking for members to treat me as a female. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) Switch BDSM Loughborough :-
I'm a switch TV thats dominant when meeting up with trannies but submissive around males and will often dress as a TV maid. When contacting please don't ask if I will swap roles as I can;t be dominant with males and yes I've tried. I've been involved in the BDSM scene for some years and started out as a sub tranny but I soon found out I enjoyed being dominant / bitch with other trans as I do love to see a tranny on her knees and licking my thigh high boots and under my leather mini skirt to find a hard cock waiting for attention. If you do want to meet me as a domme you must agree limits before we meet and I will be fucking you (safe). When meeting males I love the role of being a submissive maid and take care of all your housework and will make sure I bend over at the right time so you can see under my skirt to my waiting pussy. I do love getting spanked if I've not pleased sir and you can spank me with anything either hand, slipper or cane. My pussy has been trained well and used to taking large insertions as you can see from the photos I've posted with me riding down onto a bed post!! Fuck me with anything large dildos, plugs, fingers, fists or just slip your cock into me. I can accommodate so lets meet (contact members)

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