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SissyWelcome to the submissive world of the Sissy Crossdresser and these hyper feminine crossdressing males that not only live out life as a sissie man but they will take on all the supporting roles within this very submissive side of crossdressing...

Having never really been into the sissy CD contacts scene it was quite interesting looking at some of profiles and understanding the feminine lifestyle of those who class themselves a being sissies and there desire to wear very feminine / pretty ( often pink) clothing, but it doesn't stop with just clothing as these sissy crossdressers adopt the feminine behaviour also.

The role playing involved within the Sissy crossdressing scene does mean that your often left looking for these very submissive males that enjoy fetish play sex and that will identify himself and know his or should I say "her" sissy role within the bedroom whether thats by forced feminisation or sissification and in some cases can be permanent although for the bulk its temporary role playing sex..

Meeting with males that enjoy being sissified and used by dominant females, males or couples is easy......you just need to know where to look ;o)

If your looking for these feminine men then whilst many will assume its more the role of the BDSM community within our members we have both males that are looking for dominant females, males or couples that require feminine sissy to perform activities such as housekeeping but probably more so sexually within the BDSM community often involving humiliation, bondage, cuckold, forced chastity and not forgetting corporal punishment, after all, all sissys need a good spanking at least once a day

With the transformation being either permanent or temporary the choice of contacts and with the proliferation of the internet meeting with sissies has never been so easy to meet up with a wide variety of contacts themes and roles and thankfully with its greater anonymity has helped many meet

And thats just where we come into play not only helping sissy males meet and find dominant female owners but males, couples and likewise those contacts seek out and meet with crossdressers that enjoy being a sissy CD

To give you some idea we've placed some images below along with direct links into featured pages and direct access into the main contacts database...but due the amount of TV/TS/CD I've added some sample profiles on the right so enjoy

all images current sissy crossdress males ........edited only for member security, once a member you'll have full access

Please note due the sexual nature of this website you must be over 18 to use it ...if your under then please leave as you NOT be able to join....


Is a Sissy crossdresser the same as a transvestite? short answer no because sissy CDs take on the feminine role without question and they know there role is one of substitute & submission

Its often assumed that a submissive TV or cross-dresser will take on the role of being a sissy slave but as part of the identify of a sissy is the role playing activities that are associated with a sissy man many CD/TS/TV do not class themselves as sissy crossdressers...

Sso does this mean its harder to meet these feminine crossdressers? no as we have loads of members that not only enjoy fetish role playing sex also fully identify and take on the role as a sissy xdresser.

I'm a sissy CD slut and sex slave thats here to meet with dominant females, males, couples or TV mistresses. My name is Karen and I'm based in the North and love meeting with members that will beat me, fuck me or chastise me. I know my role and I'm ready to meet with .... ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

sissy male for domination by men, women and couples. I'm a whip & TV sissy boy that lives to be dominated & humiliated and I would VERY much like to try the Sissy cuckold scene meeting with couples or a single members. My fantasies revolve around me being shamed & disciplined and happy for others to pass me onto others so that they can further humiliate me either in there company or not. If you want to push sissy contact like me to the limit then . ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

I need to be trained by a dominant male / masters. I can meet with sir at my home in Bristol or yours and I look forward to meeting with assertive males that will use me as a slut, sex toy and for humiliation. Will also meet for outdoor & dogging training ((Contact this Member - Click here) )..

I could post more......but I've run out of room ;o)


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