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Meet more Cambridgeshire transvestites with our social media features ....whats social media?

Social media is the buzz word on the internet right now and everyone is quickly throwing features into there sites offering more social interaction …but we’ve been offering it for years, but what is social media?


Its where members can interact with other members and its a bit like the Facebook trannys groups you see, but the difference is ours ( as you’d expect ) is a LOT more adult as we don’t have the many restrictions that Facebook insist upon such as naked and photos with people having sex.


The reason we can offer this is because to join the site you must be over 18 which means one thing alone…lots of adult fun

Social media for tranny hookups....nope members join us for SEX...

Please note we do not allow Cambridgeshire Tranny Escorts to place ads in members section 

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Members can then access groups, set up there own pages and groups and post messages directly into these groups ( effectively the same as facebook)

Members can also request to be within a group of friends so that your kept alerted when postings are made, but want I would suggest is the send the member a message first telling them something about yourself rather than just asking to be a friend.


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