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My First Sex As a Essex Femboy  ..

My first sexual encounter with another femboy, I’d always fancied myself as a bit of lesbian femboy preferring the idea of having sex with another TV rather than a male admirer and for sometime never really did anything about as circumstances wouldn’t allow


But my frustration level was growing about being seduced by a femboy . I guess it was from watching hours of porn, which lets face it isn’t real, but VERY horny as I wasn’t out so porn was my only escape especially watching two hot Femboys kissing, holding and fucking!


I started getting started buying lacy thongs,tight fitting g-strings,bras, stockings and heels and watching the porn would pretend I was the other femboy getting my anus pounded as I put dildos inside my pussy buying different sizes to stretch me open, hopefully ready for my first real fucking.


At first I didn’t consider femboy contacts site as a place to meet, yes I know dumb! And my need to have sex was building so desperately that I knew I had to head out, so I pluck up the courage got dressed in my best sexiest outfit and headed out


Tiny Top, G-String & Stockings  …

Wearing a tight top and mini but underneath I wore a tight fitting bra, lacy g-string and holdup fishnet stockings . I went to the bar to order a drink. While I was waiting a rather  tanned, dark hair Latino girl approached me. She was so HOT with a smile you could fall in love with and those LIPS !! very kissable lips and green eyes.


It was all I could but just smiled and said “hi!” She responded with a hi back. I introduced myself to her and she told me her name is Eva. I told her she is very attractive and complimented on her appearance. Eva thanked me. I offered to buy her a drink. We took our drinks and found a dark quieter spot.


We got off to a good start that night in conversation. Then she felt the need to confess that she wasn’t an ordinary girl. My cock stiffened with arousal as I pretended to be surprised but I had a pretty good idea she wasn’t 100% women, least I was hoping I was right. Eva stood up to leave but before she did I took her hand and slowly pulled her towards me and said “I love what you told me, I was hoping I was right, I’m the same..


My First Femboy KISS!! ..

She then returned to her seat and we kissed, just a pick at first but that soon developed into heavy passionate kissing. I was so aroused; I could feel my lacy panties were soaked in precum. I was rubbing her groin through her dress and I could feel her cock was rock hard. 


Whilst kissing here all I could think off was her throbbing cock inside my mouth and then inside my femboy ass.  We arranged to leave the club and took a taxi back to her flat and kissed non-stop from the hallway to her bedroom. Eva stripped and stripped me down to my bra and panties, looking at my cock pushing hard against my thong and this turned her on even more.


My cock had grown out of my panties and was covered in thick precum. Eva leant over it and kissed and licked some precum that splash on my pelvis. She then proceeded to lick my shaft clean, while wanking my cock at the same time. It felt so damn good.but I was so desperate to have HER cock