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So you are thinking about heading to a Trans Sex Cinema? I know a few and clearly this admirer does >>>>>

I was working in a new town for a few weeks and after a few bored nights I thought I would head off out and explore a little. I’d done a little searching and whilst I couldn’t find any local Trans bars or clubs, I did find a sex shop that had a cinema. So, headed out


Walking in it was just like any other with DVDs and toys, still amazes me that people buy DVD with all the free streaming porn you can get, but clearly still do. Looking around I did see something that caught my eyes which was poppers! I love a bit of “Heat” so got a bottle.

Chatting to the guy I asked about the cinema, and he told me it was down the back and you put the cash in the slot to get past the gates. He said a few were upstairs, not saying if guys, females, couples or hopefully transvestites!


Walking up the stairs as expected it was a little dark but getting around the corner it opened into a large seating section with drinks machines and lockers. and a very sexy lady sitting on the sofa. I said hi and she responded, and I told her that I was going to have a look around.

Walking around I passed themed rooms that had moves playing and inside chairs, sometimes beds, and play chairs. The rooms all had different movies going some straight, gay, lesbian and at last Transvestite! I stopped and walked in and watched the film for a while, and it had the desired effect although sadly no one to enjoy it with.


I was tempted to get my cock out and start playing but I really wanted to hook up with someone. Walking back to the seated section I got a coffee from the vending machine and sat down. The girl was still there and asking he if it was always this quiet, she said “sometimes”, but then asked did I like the film, “oh you saw the room I visited”, “yeah” and with that she opened her legs.


I could see pretty clearly a very healthy bulge at the top of her knickers and smiling at her she opened her legs wide, and her dress rode up her stocking covered legs. Moving over towards her she pushed me to my knees “here I said”, “sure baby” and with that I moved my hands up her legs and getting to her knickers could see her cock desperately wanting to escape ..      

Waiting for the member to update with what happened next !! and his I check his blog postings often ... In the meantime check out members via the link NOW