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New feature meet with Covid Vaccinated Transgender Contacts & Admirers - Tell others your vaccination status

Covid seems to be with us and will not be gone for sometime, so at the request of members you can now display your Covid status >>>>>

Covid, a word a few years ago that meant nothing to us, and the only type of vaccines some were taking yearly was for flu!.   


Now this single word unites us all with a invisible threat that hangs around a bad &*(!  Its touched the entirety of the world’s population and for a some changed there views on meeting others.


The word “Covid” for this admirer is something I’m so sick of hearing about and it feel like its a struggle to think of a time when it wasn’t the main topic of conversation, when it should be something far more interesting, and sexy!


I would like to think we are all coming to a turning point, a time when we can start meeting others knowing the contacts are vaccinated, or if not in the process of or its various stages

When Transvestites & Admirers are seeking meet-ups often a question that is skated around is the vaccination status

It’s a fact people want to know the vaccination status, some people will only meet those that are vaccinated, or in the process off. Others are seeking those that have NO interest in being vaccinated and NEVER will.


Peoples’ preferences for meeting will vary based on vaccination status and now just by looking at a members profile you can see this information.The new feature we’ve implemented will show other that view your profile your current Covid vaccination status.


User member tags like the keywords can now be added to your profile when joining, or if a current members just via editing your profile settings. Please not the link below will only show the basic details of the members. Once a member you will also see member tags that will show Vaccinated Transvestites status…or there admirers