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And of course, not forgetting the odd admirer that loves to hookup in Live Chat…but its intersting I was reading on one femboy group, not ours where this guy asked “Do Chatrooms Exist in 2022” now clearly with the date he used it was a current question, but why ask if Femboy Live Chat rooms are still around, sure they are.


But maybe the person posting that question was an old throw back from the nightmare days of Comic Chat, and having now where else to be able to have adult live hookups and hope the person you are chatting to was a REAL Femboy or admirer, and not some annoying little 15 year old playing with mates! YES it happened to me more than a few times.


But the days of Comic Chat did have their uses although personally I only arrange a few hookups with femboys, most of the time it was about swapping femboy porn with I’m sure other admirers pretending to be femboys…


But that’s in past – REAL Femboy Live Chats ..

Thankfully those days are behind us and not only can you access Live Femboy chatrooms, but you can do an awful lot more other than just swap porn images LOL. Now tou can meet up, check out personal and even better arrange Femboy hookups.


The reason its changed is down to personals sites setting up their own and I would say MUCH better live chatrooms that offer so many features but above all you will know for a fact that if you are talking to a Femboy or admirer it real is one! Why?


The only way you can access femboy chat is by joining, although should you want, you can even do that for FREE, more on that later! To become a member, you will have to confirm your ID along with uploading a personals ad, otherwise how can members check you out.


Access Live Femboy Chat & Profiles ..

As a member you can access our Femboy chat meeting up with others online, but directly from chat you can also access members personals adverts, photos and even videos if uploaded. Then if you are what the member is seeking, start chatting.


It’s a great way to make local contacts as you know the member is online RIGHT NOW and as they are in the live chat also looking to hookup with others, it maybe that the member just wants to chat, but also many use it to arrange local meets


Femboy Live Private Chatrooms … ..

Once in the chatroom if you see a member online you can arrange a private chat so you can have a more private 1 on 1 conversation, but before you do its always a good idea to ask the member first if they would like to private chat, some don’t.


Also we do offer FREE Femboy live chat if you join as a FREE members, but you wont be able to access free chat for 1 week, thereafter you can. If you join as a VIP member you can access this straight away along with all the other great features paid members enjoy