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OK I'm voting for the local Cheltenham Transvestite festival after all there seems to be festivals for just about everything else and with the amount of Cheltenham tgirls theres more than enough .

...anyone fancy heading to the local council offices and putting the request in ;o)

But if your not ready to head out how about checking out some of the local Cheltenham trannies? ...below is a feature profile and further samples so enjoy and join us soon

Profile:- View Ads - Click Here (Cheltenham TV/TS/CD) ..I'm a mature transvestite in Cheltenham thats here to meet male admirers, couples and other trannies, however when contacting me if you don't have a photo showing your face then your wasting your time reading my profile or contacting me...I do want to see you first, after all you've seen me.

Ok now the fun part, I'm a transvestite that loves wearing anything femme and whilst I have in my personals advert that I'm straight I'm also looking at exploring my sexuality by trying sex with males and other trannies...

My role is one of a passive TV so that means I want to be treated as a female and don't want you sucking my cock and I have no interest in fucking others, but I'm very keen to have a cock inside me and being my first I'm a virgin transvestite

I've never had sex with another man not even a quick wank or touch in some cottage or dogging'll be my first.... Whilst on the subject of dogging and meeting up I can't accommodate but will meet at a Cheltenham dogging locations so long as its VERY discreet and private, otherwise maybe we could meet at a hotel?

If its an outdoor meet then I would be able to dress fully en femme but I'll suck you off in the car and I'll be wearing stockings and suspenders under my 'male' clothes, which you are more than welcome to explore. I will use . (contact the member)

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View Ads - Click Here (44) CD Straight Male Cheltenham..(profile with over 130 photos) I just love to crossdress and now want to meet up online with other crossdressers. I'm not here to meet with members I'm just looking to exchange some photos and talk about all gurlie things, mostly around how to dress very feminine and hopefully get some feedback on my photos. I've already posted up just a few ;0) and have more photos some a lot more risque and its other crossdressers that I'm looking to hear from and I'm not about to send photos off to guys, plus you've got lots in my profile to look at. Hopefully we can maybe swap dressing tips and I just love seeing other CDs in gurlie .(contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (49) CD/TV/TS , Cheltenham.. Looking for new CD friends only, so guys if you don't xdress its pointless contacting me. I'm out and often go to the shops looking around and picking out outfits and would love to meet another similar dresser for fun shopping days out. I love to dress to frill wearing tight skirts and always stockings & heels. If you want to meet for friendship and fun . (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (36) CD/TV/TS, Cheltenham:-I'm a dirty tranny slut in Cheltenham thats wanting to be used by all and will meet with males, females, couples and other trannies as basically I'm here for your pleasure. Im am quite new to this but im a total cum slut that loves kinky sex and here to try everything exciting butt plugs, whips, strap on, and hopefully getting to grips with a real cock as well. I have a passion for anything pvc and get very turned on thinking about being bound, gagged and then used for your sexual pleasure and amusement . Theres lots of things I want to try and it will be better to chat online and we can then arrange to meet. I am looking for friends and a regular arrangement rather than just one offs so if your up (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (40) CD/TV/TS, Cheltenham:- I'm a bit of a smart TV tart thats also a bit submissive and here to meet females & other TVs. My name is Kirsty Silk and I'm into my forties and naturally submissive and enjoy dressing fully in pretty lingerie, blouses, skirts or nice dresses but always with heels and of course make up. I have a collection of wigs as well so I can try different looks. I'm not looking to meet with tights & knicker guys but other convincing trannies and any GG (Genetic Girls) this will hopefully lead onto some dressing fun mixed with adult fun. So if your interested in finding out a little more about me , (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (53) CD/TV/TS , Cheltenham any GG want to meet up or other TVs?? for girly dressing sessions and some fun. I'm smooth all over after being waxed and as you'd image very soft to the touch, I feel like a women other than the little thing hiding away inside my knickers. Im submissive and enjoy meeting assertive TVs or (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (33) Cheltenham Shemale/ TS:-I'm so nearly there now, i'm a Transsexual thats looking to meet with similar or shemale's. I live 247 as a female and will soon by having a full change into a women. I'm on hormones and only looking for other TS for fun or a a relationship.Im also only looking to meet similar aged members.(contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (65) CD/TV/TS , Cheltenham:- I'm a first timer to the contacts scene and looking to meet with similar members. I'm into my sixties and dress normally in black lacey underwear, basques & stockings I also have a few VERY short skirts. Im extremely shy so please don't try to push me too hard and lets chat by email and arrange . (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (43) Gay Cheltenham Transsexual :- Hello, I'm a gay TS in Cheltenham that wants a boyfriend. Let me tell you something about me first. I've wanted to be a girl for years, or should I say Im a girl now. When I was a man I never felt right and at every chance would dress as a girl normally wearing sisters clothes, once a teen I started to buy my own outfits and then being a tgirl was the only thing I wanted but I knew I wanted more and becoming a GG was all that mattered. Most of the time I was Christine and 5 yrs ago I started on hormones, but due to life and work had to be careful, my breast developed well to a 36b and right now thats as far as I can go. I'm attracted to males and it feels right having sex with males as it makes me feel more like woman I dream of. My taste in . (contact the member)

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