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It really does go without saying it but the Croydon Transvestites scene offers just about everything and anything for Croydon transsexuals, transvestites and crossdressers....and not forgetting the admirers as well ;o)

This South London borough although strictly speaking is part of outer London is the largest of the boroughs by population and this is clearly reflected by the numbers Shemales in Croydon and this preview page offers a sample introduction into some of them ....but from here you can access ALL contacts and you don't even need to join ;o)

Feature:- View Ads Click Here.. (Croydon TV/TS) ..I'm a sexy Croydon TGirl thats actually considering going full time and becoming a transsexual as I know what I want and not sure if being a tgirl is it ....

I'm a slim, intelligent and a bit of a gothic Transvestite thats here to meet with similar tgirls for some fun...I am considering becoming a full TS but its something I need to work towards over time. I would class myself as being playful, adventurous both sexually and in myself and would defiantly class myself as fun and good company..

I am married and we enjoy a good lifestyle together and enjoy sharing our lives as polyamorous, bisexual couple and I'm very open minded to exploring new and exciting experiences. I'm a pagan and so think about my actions at least once and seldom make rash fast decisions.. I'm here ideally to meet a Croydon pre-op transsexual or a transvestite thats convincing and in my tranny book that means smooth, slim and really makes the effort when dressing as I do. Also sorry ladies under 40.

I'm not really into drinking or drugs and prefer the company of nice, caring, and intelligent. On the sex side after all this is a sex contacts website I have a oral fetish and do enjoy role playing sex where I 'll take on the role of tgirl schoolgirl and you ideally the dominant Mistress, but this is just one senora and if you drop me a message we can discuss others (more)

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View Ads Click Here.. (62) CD/TV/TS Croydon ..( over forty profile photos uploaded and videos ) I'm a bisexual Croydon TV that does enjoy some outfit fun meets which if you view my photos you'll probably gather I enjoy meeting with others at Croydon dogging and public sex locations ( drop me a line I'll tell you the better ones) I'm bi so happy to meet with all members and keen to meet with any groups that want to meet with sexy bi tv. My look is always sexy and love wearing ultra short mini skirts with stockings and boots & always make up. I enjoy oral and anal sex and do enjoy a spit roasting so always keen to here from a couple of guys. Anal is always safe so make sure if we are (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (36) CD/TV/TS Croydon.. I'm a VERY sensual Bi tranny from South London thats looking for fantasy role playing meets plus I have a few fetish interests such as watersports, cybersex, oral & anal plus more but I also just enjoy meeting up for a kiss & a cuddle, oh I love licking lollipops ;o). Being bisexual I'm happy to hear from all members as I would class myself as a fun, playful and romantic TV with delicious legs and a cute bottom (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) CD/TV/TS Croydon .. I'm a Bi Tgirl from Croydon / South London thats into my late thirties and more bi-curious than being totally bi. I'm here to ideally meet with cute, good looking guys that are somewhat effeminate / androgynous and ideally younger also. I do prefer males younger than me, slim and short. I'm happy to hear from females that will assist with my further transformation maybe even with some role playing forced sissy crossdressing so ideally suited towards a dominant / mistress type female, but this is only for fun as I don't enjoy pain but I'm open minded. I also have fantasies about sex with total strangers especially sucking a guy off that I don't know. Drop me a message and lets . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (38) CD/TV/TS Croydon .. I'm a shy and sexy TV thats joined the site to meet up with some local contacts as I've been struggling to meet with admirers due to being quite shy. I'm hitting my late thirties now and quite new to using online contacts websites so keen to meet up with some local contacts around Croydon. If you fancy (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (50) CD/TV/TS Croydon .. I'm a Croydon crossdresser thats only looking to meet other CDs /TVs for some fun meets and hopefully showing me what fun we can have I'm a fifty something crossdresser that love to get dressed especially wearing sexy underwear and would love to hear from similar so that we can dress and have some fun together. I'm not that experienced and keen to meet others for a bit of light fun maybe with some mutual masturbation or just teasing our cocks through panties. I i know its sounds a bit lame / boring I want to start slowly and I'm keen to progress to more including oral but as I've never done this before you'll be my first. I'm only looking to meet Croydon trannys / crossdressers and I'm able to meet up during the day. If your interested in chat (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) CD/TV/TS Croydon.. hello boys & girls I'm an experienced Croydon tv that loves my hells in fact I'm probably at over 50 sets of shoes now! I have lots of styles and looks along with the types of meets I enjoy and that can be role playing or just straight meets with admirers. I can dress in different styles from slutty, PA & enjoy kissing with touching and here for fun & (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (36) Croydon Cuckold Tgirl.. Hello I'm a naughty gurl that enjoys meeting others and having some fun. My name is Julie and Im a open minded tgirl thats here for fun as its important to me. Whilst living in S.London I do travel a lot meeting up with others to party, go shopping & so on. I'm here to meet TV TS and well hung cute guys for some clubbing nights out as I d enjoy the social side and use clubs often. I would be keen on meeting a couple for cuckold fun and also meeting with a VWE male. I do have a preference to meet younger males and guys that can go all nights as I really can fuck all nights and if you can (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (30) CD/TV/TS Croydon :- I'm a young TV thats slim V-horny and after some nsa sex meeting with other young trannies or males.. My name is Natasha and I'm 30, and live in S.London and love the fantastic trans world and hopefully as you can see I'm very convincing as I've been dressing since I was very young and like most here I'm pulled towards dressing and being feminine. I do have a classy side that sometimes comes out and enjoy dressing stylish & sexy and then enjoy teasing & flirting meeting up with others. I love my dressing as its an escape from life for a while even if just for a short while. I`m looking to meet other local girls like myself to build friendships and we can see where it goes from there. When contacting me please make sure you've got photos ready as you've(contact members)

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