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Enjoy this feature posted by Merseyside Submissive Sissy thats looking for a master for servitude and bondage.....

I do love the way this personals been added where rather than just posting up a profile this Mersey Sissy Crossdresser has posted a story. Member details has been posted below and due to the amount of sissy contacts I've added further images and sample photos on the right ....

This member is only looking to meet all dominant members and will accommodate or travel ... Please Note, profile & images edited to protect member

this is just a sample - members can access all types of personals from sissy crossdressers to trannies

My fantasy meet, is it yours? if your looking for a sissy for servitude and bondage then please read my story and my personal details are below..

I enter the house being as quite as a mouse and walking into the front room noticed on the sofa was my outfit that Sir had placed out for me, consisting of pink stockings, thong, bra, garter and to keep me in check a dog collar ( pink of course). Placed on the coffee table was lippy, a smallish butt plug and thankfully some lube. Knowing that Sir would punish me with a vicious sissy spanking.

I quickly removed my clothes and trembling with excitement got dressed in my new sissy outfit pulling the soft stockings up my smooth legs loving the feeling as the silk pulled against my skin…finally finishing by placing the collar and doing my best to put the lippy on without a mirror.

Taking hold hold of the butt plug I know Sir would be very unimpressed if it wasn't in place and it was only when I took hold of it I realised it was bigger then I'd originally thought at about 5" long and quite wide. Knowing lube would be needed I put a good amount on it and pulling my new panties to one side making sure no lure touched them I placed the plug down onto the coffer table and straddled it slowly lowering myself down till it was fully inside and filled my sissy pussy ass.

I was now ready for Sir, dressed in my knew sissy outfit and with the butt plug starting to stretch me open I walk along to his office at the end of his house. Standing there I was looking towards him and as he sat at his computer and looking over towards me he smiled, and thankfully my appearance pleased him, then looking at the clock he's approval smile turned into disappointment.

"what time did I tell you to get here" he asks " I reply noon Sir", "well its 11:58, come here" he said..With that I walked over and knowing full well what Sir wanted I placed myself over his knees ready to be spanked. I spanked me approx 30 times and was what I was used to as almost a warm up punishment, afterwards pushing me to the floor. Standing over me I was still on the floor knowing full well my place was at his feet and removing his shirt he looks towards me "Take my shoes & trousers off".

Crawling towards him I removed his shoes then carefully unbuckled his belt and removed his trousers "and" he said so removed his briefs & socks and looking towards him by now his cock was standing to attention and it was all I could do but look longingly towards it as he stood over me naked thinking at the time what an impressive male specimen his body was, and myself, small, weak and ready on my knees before Sir with sissy clothing on and plug still firmly in place. "Move towards me and open your mouth" following his every command he shoved his hard cock deep into my mouth making me feel so slutty.

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  Gender Male (CD/TV/TS)
  Seeking Males, Females, Couples / TV/TS/CD
  Age 33
  Sexuality Bi
  Location UK, England:Merseyside
  Ethnicity Caucasian
  Height 6ft 3in
  Build Slim
  Hair Blonde
  Body hair Smooth
  Drink No
  Smoke NO
  Drugs Will tell you later
  Cock/Breast size Prefer not to say until we meet
  Travel Can Accommodate or will travel
  Safe sex Never - Only looking for Sissy Bareback sex
  Paid Services No
  Profile Keywords Spanking , Role Play, Sissy ,

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