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Trans Schoolgurls, schoolgirls or Schoolie tgirls? I'm confused, but I'm a lover not a disciplinarian

A question as an admirer do Schoolgirl Transvestites refer to themselves as Schoolgurls, schoolgirls or Schoolie tgirls? I often see personals uploaded by transvestites that enjoy the role playing scene dressed as schoolgirls but it seems they are use different terms……now come on tgirls how is a poor guy to know lol ….anyone please feel free to tell me.


Of all the role playing scenarios the role of naughty tranny skoolgirl and dominant master or mistress is probably right up there at the top of most peoples fantasies and certainly from looking at the personals one thing we don’t have a shortage of is very naughty transvestite schoolgirls …or schoolgurls lol.


It does seem like with most types of role playing sex contacts that you’ll have some TV schoolgirl members that are just looking for a bit of mild role playing meets or members that except to receive corporal punishments and the role of teacher or mistress are very clearly defined ….

Corporal Punishment Transvestite schoolgirls ..........VERY naughty trannys looking for strict contacts & disciplinarians School teacher or headmaster read on ....

The role of sissy schoolgirl transvestite is very clearly defined in one thats a disobedient TV thats probably never even attempted to do the homework set out by Sir or Miss and because of this needs punishing …often these types of punishments involve slippers, canes, riding crops and forced over the knee spankings.

My own personal preference being a St Trinians transvestite thats wearing maybe 1950s shoolie uniform with needless to say navy gym knickers and a uniform that barely covers her bottom …….now thats what you call frigging horny ;o)

Whether your interest are just for mild role playing or your a serious player and will only meet with a TV that will handle some serious CP (corporal punishment) then not only can we direct you towards contacts but you can be sure of accessing some very bad TV schoolgirls that need your hand, slipper, cane, crop across there bare ass…


To give you some idea of the naughty tranny schoolgirls we have I’ve placed some example profiles ..but even better feature links below offering you a chance to directly access the transvestite members we have

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