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Is it by matter of fact that if you are a Transvestite, you are submissive by nature? it does seem like the vast number of personals I see are submissive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are also spankees although there does seem to be some confusion between tranny spankees and spankers!


Definition 101:- A Spankee or in this case a Trans Spankee is the one that takes the punishment, in other words the one that bends over and receives a good spanking from a dominant male, female or maybe even TV.


So basically, Spankees are those that love taking the spanking! So if you are seeking out a new Transvestite that will take your punishment then you are heading in the right direction to meet local contacts you YOU.


Whether you are seeking spanking Trannys, maybe paddling, or for those offering out a hardcore CP training using the cane here at UK Transvestites Personals is a dream come true as we have thousands of contacts right across the UK and even Europe searching out for dominants

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