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Its without doubt the ultimate humiliation to have your bottom spanked ......although for a sub transvestite there dream to be bent over a dominant male or female have there dress pulled up and take a spanking like a good little (naughty) tranny....

now if that transvestite has white full bottom knickers on you can be sure I'll be leaving those on whilst I spank tgirls bottom ;o)

I've always enjoyed the domestic discipline side of the transvestite, transsexual & crossdressing scene fact it was only shortly after I got into transgirls that my own dominant side came out and then I was struggling to find transvestites for spanking.......thankfully thats no longer the case as meeting spanking transvestites is easy........well assuming you join that right site..

However you look at it if theres one thing a naughty trannie needs is to have there bottom spanked and personally speaking I love nothing more than some bare bottom bare hand spanking....but looking at some of the message boards and more so social media type sites ( facebook) dominant males are struggling to find transsexuals for spanking DoH....try joining a adult personals website..;o)

Meet Transvestites that enjoy role playing spanking

If your dream is to meet a submissive shemale that likes being spanked then I can assure you your in the right place, but rather than just taking my word for it posted below are a selection of personals from TV/TS/CD that are looking for spanking personals ....As these are current members to protect there identity both images and profile have been edited...

Unlike most other sites we also give you unlimited FREE access to ALL members using the free link below ........however ( its not a bad one) it will show you ALL members this means you'll have thousands of personals to look at which if your looking to Spanking personals can be a little frustrating ...but what it will show you is the types of contacts we have but once a member you'll be be to filter these for just spanking contacts only... Hence the reason for the samples below ...;o)

So enjoy and join soon to meet your spanking contacts

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View Ads Click here (38) CD/TV/TS ..(Personals advert with over 85 photos & video).. I'm a Sub TV thats wanting to give you and seeking sane discipline with spanking and RP BDSM meets. I'm submissive, tall, slim and a life long transvestite that needs disciplinarians either master or mistress that will offer training & discipline. I will give myself totally to your desires and can meet at my home and I can't offer ownership as I'm the property of a Cyber Master that is in the process of training me as a cyber online slut. He has instructed me to meet other doms & disciplinarians so that I may gain more experience((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (53) Dominant TV.. Im a very convincing dominant transvestite thats powerfull domineering and will have fun with you in my fitted dungeon. I'm NOT a professional transvestite mistress and so I do this for my please. I'm here to meet submissive's of any sex and will take you to my dungeon for spanking, caning, belts, crops just to mention a few of my fun implements of pleasure. I'm only looking for genuine people and if your interested drop me a message. I have a slave right now and ...((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (39) CD/TV/TS.. I'm in need of extreme spanking discipline 24/7. I'm a sex slave and will dress as required to please and then used 24-7 for all forms of training but more so at the harsh side meeting with members for bondage, discipline including face slapping, restraint, spanking, paddling, cane and will offer myself fully - piss on or inside me our deepthrout fuck ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (42) CD/TV/TS .. I'm Shy submissive CD that needs a good spanking from men, couples or TVs. Also for anal, oral & Strap-on fucking. I'm Emma and look good when dressed. I'm looking occasional daytimes meets and will dress fully with make up and sexy outfits which in my case normally means short skirts, stockings, corsets, bras and high heel shoes and boots. If you want to ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (56) CD/TV/TS .. I'm a closet silk and satin pantie wearer that enjoys being spanked & get a great deal of pleasure wearing sexy lingerie even more being spanked with panty hose on. Im to meet someone with a passion for undies. I versatile so can be active or passive with a preference to being passive. I want to try further CP and BDSM and open to suggestions and ideas ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (59) CD/TV/TS if I don't satisfy you then please spank me as I want to please. I'm a passable xdresser that after NSA times with all members and admirers. I dress fully and a very convincing women and want sensual pleasure along with some pain should I not please and look towards members spanking me. I cannot accommodate so its either yours of outdoors . ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (54) CD/TV/TS. I'm Lisa Laid here to lay, be used & abused. I'm probably not the most convincing transvestite if I'm honest (no makeup used) but I do enjoy meeting others and fulfilling desires & some of the wildest fantasies and perversions meeting with demanding males. I'm NOT here to kiss & cuddle and more so risque role playing fun and adventurous sex. I will try pretty near anything the more outrageous the better. I enjoy taking risks and misbehaving so that CP can be offered and testing the limits and living out fantasies. We can meet in public places or private. I can accommodate but . ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (51) CD/TV/TS .. I WLTM with genuine bottom lovers that would like a smooth round specimen to have some fun with and work out their fantasies. I'm happy to consider virtually anything including spanking to anal stretching with my speculum. The more unusual are probably going to stand a better chance of getting a response from me. I would especially like to meet MM couples as I want to try double anal penetration. But also any couples and as my profile suggests I love bottoms and anything that can be done with them especially being spanked although I don't offer spanking as I'm ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (51) TV for Disciplinarian .. I'm here to meet mature disciplinarians 65+ ( ideally ex school teacher / school head ). Im an attractive shy tv girl that when meeting "Sir" will dress in School uniforms & frilly knickers. I'm in my early 40's and only seeking males 65+. that also has canes or other implements to deal with me . ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (52) CD/TV/TS .. I'm a TV that loves wearing tights and then meeting assertive mature males for pantyhose Spanking.. I'm after afternnon meets and with males that want somethng a little more than just one offs as Im looking for a regular arrangement, nothing to complicated but a little more than just one meet. When meeting with males I will be wearing tights / pantyhose and I'm only looking for "bottom" meets and meeting males that are not interested in genital play but I do love lots of bottom play especally being touched / spanked whilst I'm in my tights. This is for afternoon meets only as I get a free time ((Contact this Member - Click here) )
View Ads Click here (51) BBW CD/TV/TS .. I'm a BBW Tranny thats here to meet with a dominant spanker that will use me, control me & humiliate me. I will meet for sex in public places or car park sex so please contact me. I will dress in sexy underwear, stockings and dress up pretty . ((Contact this Member - Click here) )

I could keep posting more profiles but I think that gives you some idea of the spanking contacts on offer ......join us and search for your local contacts or contact ANY of the above transvestites.....

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