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Straight men fucking Transgender UK Contacts..

Its odd, not that straight males having sex with transvestites is odd, but had you asked me a few years ago but straight guys wanting to fuck a tgirl I would have looked at you completely confused ….after all whilst transvestites often take up the role of female one things for certain these babes are chicks with dicks..


Many years ago, pre internet / contacts sites that I started getting involved with the UK transvestite scene that I discovered some males class themselves as straight but look for sex with tgirls…….how come?


It was only after starting this personals website it gave me far more access into the transgender scene and along with loads of tv/ts/cd babes to talk to also other males both straight men & bisexual guys….and it really is a case the guys that are straight do like sex with trannies

Its clear to this admirer that females ( as in real females) have lost their femininity, transgender haven't ........

When reading straight guys profiles I was confused as to why a guy that says he’s “straight” wants sex with a tranny, and it would appear its down to many females as in REAL females loosing there sexuality, where as transvestites and transsexuals are probably more feminine than most females, in fact that was defiantly the case with my last tgirlfriend…

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Passive ….Active, in all cases, least the ones I looked at were only interested in meeting passive transvestites and this is where I think the “straight” side comes into play for most personals, its not a fact that they are wanting sex with transvestite as a straight man, its these guys are looking for transvestites that take on the female role within the bedroom…also knowing full well the TV will be dressed to frill ;o)

Meeting straight males with UK transvestites personals join us for local fun and LOADS of contacts

One things for certain whether your a straight man wanting sex with a tranny or a TV looking for a boyfriend we can help and to give you some idea below are recent samples profiles from profiles that match that requirement.

Also is FREE access into all contacts although this will show bi, gay & straight contacts but it will show you the thousands of personals we have ( members can filter the results for there ideal contact)