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TS Chaser Dates ..

Trans Chaser hookups? Males chasing Transgenders, but with one special request they use whats between their legs as often as he does! Its interesting reading trans news groups and it would seem some get offended with the idea of meeting Trans chaser, do you?Just to clarify what a Trans Chaser, or Transgender Chasers are.


These are males that seeking out feminine trans contacts that put on the look and appearance of being a female, but when in the bedroom, or any other room have a fully working cock, that they are happy to use on admirers.


But isn’t a Trans Chaser just a male that’s looking for active Transgender contacts? As an admirer myself that enjoys meeting Transvestites that are both active and passive does that make me a Trans Chaser because I love to be fucked by a Trans as much as they love taking a fucking from me..


Trans Chasers Seeking Active

Dating Trans Chasers and finding personals from males that want to meet with active Transgenders means looking at dedicated Dating sites and they don’t get much bigger and older than UK Transvestite Personals.


As a member you can access all types of Trans Chaser contacts from young to old, to large and small and I’m not just talking about the build here. But also, as a Male seeking active Transvestites it won’t take you long before you are sending messages to members.


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To give you some idea on the members we have I’ve placed a direct free link above to all Trans contacts and males, although the males are ALL contacts not just those seeking active but passive hookups as well, but once a members can filter results.


Once a member you can search out all types of dates searching and finding Trans chasers, active Transgenders, or just viewing all personals and seeing what grabs your interest or at least profiles you look twice at the results and think “hello”.


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When uploading your profile either a Transgender chaser or active Trans make sure its clear the types of dates you want. If you search for Transvestites that enjoy their cock being used as much as yours make it clear that you only want active Trans.


This also applies to Trans that want to meet males understanding oral would be expected, swallowing a nice bonus and maybe getting well fucked could be the icing on the cake…BTW I’m free for all of the above!


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