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Real Transgender Stories

OK I knew I wanted to try going to a Transvestite sex club so started doing some research - I've been single for a few months

Now since leaving my wife and one of the reasons was she found out my passion or should I say interest in sex with transvestites I’m admirer but hopefully you’ll enjoy my little story..


I was heading to the Durham for work and was going to be around for a few weeks and was hoping to check out this club I’d read about on a tranny clubs website… It sounded interesting and had a social / bar section along with a dance floor, some private rooms and a bondage play area.. Whilst I’d love to try the bondage rooms out that was something for a later date.


I contacted the club and a few days later got a message with fees and dates. It was lucky that the first weekend was a party night so arranged to visit. Getting to the club was interesting, as I didn’t want to say to much to the taxi driver, but I’m sure he knew where I was heading too, paranoid of what LOL..

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Once inside the club it looked nice, and you could see it was also a swingers club and leaving my coat with the desk headed inside- I was surprised just how light it was and busy as well !! with a mix of guys and trannies. I headed to the bar and knew they didn’t have a drinks licences so just ordered a coffee, but I’d already had a few shots before getting there to steady my nerves..


It didn’t take long before I saw this very attractive girl sat in the corner, she looked about 35, slim and dressed smart but also very sexy.. I got a nice smile from her so thought I would head over and introduced myself.


She said her name was Julie, and this was her first time here also. It was pretty clear she was just as nervous as I was. We got chatting but it was clear we both had other things in mind and when I suggested we had a look around she didn’t need to be asked twice.


We walked around the corner and headed upstairs but when I knew I couldn’t be seen ( yes I know daft LOL) I stopped Julie pushing her against the wall and kissed her, she opened her mouth and kissed my back passionately pushing hard against me .. I pulled back and suggested maybe we find a private place and taking her hand I lead her upstairs and turning a corner saw some private rooms.. Walking over the first was being used as it was locked.. but the next door was open.


Walking into the room it was small, with a chair, single bed and turning around I closed and locked the door. Julie was already sat on the bed when I turned back and sitting by side her I put my hand onto her thigh and we carried on kissing with our tongs probing deep inside our open mouths…she was an amazing kisser, but then felt her hand teasing against the side of my jeans as she started to undo them. I pulled back and she got down onto her knees. Looking up towards me I could see a naughty look.


As she removed my jeans and boxers and moving in close took all my cock deep into her mouth and I started to fuck her mouth really hard, all the time doing my best to control myself as I wanted her sweet arse. I couldn’t take her attention for too long and pulled her up onto her feet pushed my hand under her skirt and straight away fond her hard cock pushing against her tights. She moved back and slipping her shoes off pushed her tights off and placing them onto the bed walked sexy back over to me…


I turned her around and straight away bent over pulling her panties to one side and showing me her pussy… I had to teste her and kneeling down pushed my face deep into her bottom and could feel her pussy open as my tong eased inside her and I started to fuck her arse with my tong. Reaching under I took hold on her cock and start wanking her her off and she was getting so worked up I knew she would could so pulling back she turned around just in time for me to take her cock and swallow her sweet load…

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