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UK Transvestite Personals | Find Local Trans For Adult Fun

sexy horny tranny stories posted by UK trannys & admirers

Pull up a chair and enjoy some Transvestites stories....but these are no fairy tales ;o)

Its a fact we all love to read stories but how much more interesting is it when your reading someone tranny story knowing that person has written that and is looking to meet up with similar TVs or admirers.


It really does put a different twist on tranny stories whether your reading someone’s sexual fantasy or maybe they are detailing a recent meet with a member.


Whilst theres loads of erotic transvestite story sites online most of these just offer stories and nothing else, ok true in some cases you can access some porn photos or links onto adult sex sites but isn’t that now a bit old school with the amount of free porn online these days.


What does take the story process onto another level is when your reading someone’s story knowing you can access there profile and turn whats perhaps a fantasy into fact and meet the member.


To give you some idea below are samples posted by members within there blogs as a member you can access all the stories

  • SammiTS – I wasn’t really sure how the night was going to go, I knew I wanted to try dogging but was nervous about going out alone. I wasn’t worried about being out as I pass the night test lol but it was the idea of meeting up in some strange dark car park somewhere, but isn’t that also part of the excitement, the frill of going out and meeting with a total stranger for SEX…. I’d joined a contacts website and started reading a few of the posting and information on dogging sites and to my surprise one day had the message come from a guy wanting to know if I was interested in meeting up I
  • TVmid4fun– I thought I start this blog as I’ve just joined and thought some would find it interesting reading about my various sexual exploits as I bump along meeting with contacts, well hopefully bumping along. Also I think writing in your own blog does offer a far better insight into someone after all posting all your personals details is fine but but it really tell you about the person? So this is me and today started well as I had a visit from my lovely boyfriend and we discussed a party we are planning ( and yes I’ll blog it) but after chatting for a while we both wanted some fun so headed
  • Pawpaa – Its was a fun meet and for our first time but his friend had been sending me messages pestering for a meet so being a bit of horny old tranny I agreed to meet ( I know generous to fault lol) At first we didn’t have anywhere to meet and I’m a bit old in tooth for fumbles in the back of a car and I was going to say no till he told me that his friend would like to come along as well and was I OK for a threesome and they would book a hotel room. Now that got my interest and once a date was set the accommodation / hotel was booked. I told them I would like to get there first so I could sort myself out and would need about an hour so arranged at reciprocation so I could collect the key and heading into the hotel walk up to the receptionist “there a room booked in the name of Mr Smith ( yes I* know Mr bleeding smith ). oh yes sir theres the key and you can use the life

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