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Golden showers ...Trans WaterSports or just having a Trans Piss over you...Mmmmm yes please

Its only recently that I got into transvestite watersports having always shunned the idea of my gurlfriend trans pissing over me, but after a little accident ( least thats what my gurlfriend told me) I’ve experienced my first ever tgirl watersports sex……….AND loved it.


They often say its not until you try something that you can say whether you like it or not but pissing over someone whilst having sex was never top of my sexual bucket list and clearly I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun.


I’m not saying that transvestite watersports sex is for everyone as clearly from reading some of the forums & TV message board discussions some ( like myself) love it whilst others believe that activity should be kept for the bathroom alone and (sadly) kept in private ……….But lets be honest if we all loved the same things life would really be boring wouldn’t it …

Meeting Transvestites for WS sex .......its not hard

Its pretty clear when you think of trans watersports sex contacts it does for most come under the heading of fetish sex ( least thats what wikki tell us) and just because of this many assume its hard or difficult to meet with others that enjoy pissing whilst having sex…wrong its easy you just need to know where !!!


Whether your looking to meet with a transvestite that will piss over you or your wanting to meet with a sexy ( probably pvc trans) so that you can unload your golden fluids all over her we at UK TV Personals help …..and from the examples below you can see that its a pretty diverse selection of transvestite personals that all have one theme in that they enjoy watersports TV sex…


Below are some sample personals & FREE link to view all members, the reason for adding the samples is the free link will display ALL members and due to the thousands of contacts we have it will clearly take you all night clicking through personals adverts ( not such a bad thing on a winters night) to find watersport transsexual contacts

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