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Its only when you start looking at members profiles you realise the importance of uploading images. 


Now, a question to ask yourself does that make a person shallow if when looking for lets say Worcestershire trannys  that the first thing you look towards is there photos?


I don’t think so because as humans we are physically attracted to someone before we even get to know that person, so this means uploading images is an extremely important part of the personals advert process.


Please note we do not allow Worcester Tranny Escorts to post adverts in the members section..  

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Keeping things VERY private ...You dont have to show your face. But if you want contacts you would do better with a photo or 3

If your concerned over privacy then why not do just what some of the other members have done here by editing your face out, its easy to do and many cameras and phones come with some basic editing software so its easy to do. 


But one thing I would say is personally there no excuse for not putting photos up and a profile without will get a lot less interest.


Check out some members above and see just what I mean …All are from the Worcestershire region