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You know theres a hell of a lot more to Luton than just a big car plant...its got one of the best local scenes and here we have a chance to give you some idea on just why the Luton Transvestites, Transsexual & Crossdressing scene is so active......

One thing thats immediately apperent, other than the member numbers is the different types of contacts that our mnembers are looking for from friendships to those that clearly fall into my catregory of intertests that have a bit of a kink ;o)

And to give you some idea we've posted this free access page where sample Luton trannies adverts and photos have been posted. Enjoy, Oh and make sure you check the feature out below posted by a Luton Post Op TS......that personals advert will show you the vast range in member profiles we have

Feature..View Ads Click Here ..(Luton TS) I'm a bubbly blonde TS thats here to find a soulmate either a male admirer or other Transexuals

I'm 49 years old and a post op transsexual thats male t female transformation. I'm blond, but depending on my mood when I'm at the hairdressers can be other colours as I do like to change, and its no longer just a case of slipping another wig on as its all mine.

My build is medium and when in flats I'm around 6' tall, work wise I've just been made redunant after working for them for 32 years. I'm a genuine TS thats caring and loyal person with an interests in a few sports but also enjoy music & watching films..

I do love traveling although I'm not one to go exploring and prefer hot holidays in the sun just lazing by the beach or pool. OK, so why am I here, I'm now ready to take things to next stage in my life and here to meet Mr Right ( is that you?, i'm sure you must be around somewhere?), also you must be a non smoker.

When contacting me please tell me something about yourself and not a copy of your personals advert, also if your profile or message just has a photo of your little guy thats not going to cut it., I will want to see your face, as you've seen me. So its over to you ...drop me a message and lets take things from there .. ( (contact this member) )

Further free samples below .all edited to protect members.

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View Ads Click Here (23) CD/TV/TS Luton ..(feature top image above) I'm a young bi transvestite thats happy to meet up with all members esoecally cuckold couples. My name is Julia and I'm after a bit of fun and hopefully some love along the way. I'm 23 and enjoy romantic nights in or just somewhere to meet for some hardcore fun. Im clean and happy to meet with mature members or similar young contacts of any sex. I can't accommodate so it will.((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (19) Pre Op TS Luton..:- I'm a young pre op TS thats just starting out along this very long road and looking for some friends. Im 5'8" and really feel as thought I'm finding myself after a good few years of not being happy as a male and knowing that when I xdress in women's underwear and clothing feel far more happy and comfortable within myself and have no decided that my goal is to fully transform into a woman. I'm not looking to meet with male admirers, although I am bisexcual but wanting to meet with others similart in age and ((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (32) CD/TV/TS Luton..I never know what to say on these things, I'm a shy tgirl that loves wearing lingerie and dressing up for others modelling outfits normally wearing sexy lingerie, heels and then getting all naugfhty with other members. If your . ((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (40) CD/TV/TS, Luton:- I'm a Luton TV thats looking for couples, females or other transvestites and happy top meet up at mine as I can accommodate or will travel to meet up. I'm a convincing tranny thats bisexual and whilst i'm here for some fun also looking to strike up friendships along the way. Im very genuine and not looking to get messages from the usual photo collectors etc.Im smooth, clean, discreet and single so theres no sneaking around when arranging meets. Drop me a line ((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (50) CD/TV/TS Luton.. I'm fifty something and a bi curoius tranny thats looking for friends either meeting with females or other trannies. I just love weraring all sexy feminine things that a girl can and about being a gurl so here to correspond,chat and hopefully meet up with too. If your like me and would like to meet drop me a line ((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (46) CD/TV/TS Luton :- I'm a Luton based crossdresser thats seeking meets with similar xdressers aged approx 20-40 . I'm a closet crossdesser and not looking to go out so only mereting for indoor fun. I'm happy to chat with other members if your not local and correspond via private message. Any guys or gals that fancy some fun then make sure you drop me a .((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (58) CD/TV/TS Luton :- I'm a Luton Crossdresser that loves to wear floaty silky nylon nighties and looking for other nighty wearers only. I'm a huge lover of xdressing in layers of womens nighties as it make me feel all gurly and want to share this with others that have a similar passion. Have always loved wearing nighties for as long as I can remember and I'm sure it will carry on. I haqve lots and many different colours and wear stockings with my lingerie. I'm here searching for a special friend to share my passion and wants to enjoy erotic nights were we can sprawl across a bed as I'm able to accommodate and we can enjoy sensual times enjoying the .((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (53) CD/TV/TS Luton :- I'm a BBW transvestite thats after some NSA fun either at mine as I can accom or we could meet up at a Luton dogging location as I do enjoy some fun outdoors. I am a plump transvestite that love hard sex getting fucked and offering oral sex and I never waste a drop and always swallow. Looking to meet guys-girls couples and up for someone to vidoe whilst.((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (46) CD/TV/TS Luton :- Hello, I'm a very sexy transvestite that loves to wear leather, pvc and my long thight high killer boots and looking to meet a man or similar TV. I'm 5'7" tall a dress size 12 and want to be dinned & wined and then have some fun. I do have a webcam so maybe we can meet up online or perhaps just in the chatroom, what ever you prefer. Whilst I am in my late fifties I don't look my age and if you drop me a message hopefully we can arrange a meet to .((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (52) CD/TV/TS Luton :- I'm a friendly pre op TS Girl thats single and living alone in Luton, so can accommodate or likewise travel to meet up. I've only just joined the site so I'll be working out just what to say and updating my personals advert shortly as they say watch this space and I'll be back..PS if you see me why .((contact this member) )
View Ads Click Here (57) CD/TV/TS Luton :- Would anyone like to house or flat share with a transvestite in luton or within 15 miles? I'm a TV thats after place to rent / share and if your were a transvestite / crossdresser we could enjoy some fun times and maybe even build up a possible relationship, or just some good old no strings sex. I love role playing sex and can be a mummy, sissy or .((contact this member) )


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