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Looking to meet Dogging Bracknell transvestites? well you won't go far wrong from the featured advert below and from looking at the members advert its pretty clear that if you want to find the best Bracknell tranny cottaging locations this member seems to have them all summed up ;o)

Whether its indoors or outdoors meets your at the best place to make direct contacts with local Bracknell crossdressers and trannies and whilst I've never been to Bracknell before one quick glance over some of the members tell me these gurls know how to party ...

Samples have been edited to protect members but once a members you'll be able to access all details including photos posted by Bracknell tgirls ...

Feature .. View Ads - Click Here ( Bracknell TV Outdoor sex meets) 45 year old Transvestite thats here to meet with males, groups and other similar trannies

Hello I'm Sally a crossdressing slut that lives around the Bracknell area and basically I love all kinds of outdoor sex meeting up at various local gloryholes, cottaging locations & cruising around for NSA outdoor sex..

I'm 43 years "young" and have few limits when it comes to sex and the title of TV slut best sums me up and will meet all guys & groups in Bracknell area,.. By far my interests revolve around kinky sex especially dressing up and getting into role where I can be a naughty TV schoolgirl, sexy secretary, tranny nurse or if you want me to take something down I'll be a WPC..

When meeting up outdoors I always dress fully and know lots of places to meet and will be wearing black stockings, basques or corsets under my uniforms, however should you prefer a long coat with little else or just a sexy outfit just tell me. When meeting up I'm happy to do anything to please offering oral sex , anal or anything else you want....winks anything (contact this member)

further samples below ..all edited for member security .

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View Ads - Click Here (62) Full Time Crossdresser Bracknell .. ( feature top image used from this member) I'm here to meet with either single guys, girls or other local crossdressers for some fun meeting in local hotels as I do love sex in hotels or dogging meets in car parks. I've posted a few photos so hopefully you'll agree look good. If any groups fancy meeting up please drop me a line and I have good O & A grades but always looking to improve. When meeting outdoors I dress fully and for sex (contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (46) pre op TS Bracknell /
I'm here to find Mr Right !! First a little about me. I'm into my mid forties but most of my friends say I look nowhere near my age and the ones that say I look older are not friends ;o) .. I'm slim and have to work at my figure as I love drinking & food in any order. I do have a curvy figure and wear a dress size 12 and yes my boobs are real and very sensitive. I'm pre op so hopefully don't have to spell that out. Males will need to be solvent as I do enjoy a good lifestyle, tall (over 6') and attractive as I think I'm quite a catch and when out always get the right type of attention. I live alone and whilst I'm happy to invite guys back to mine I will want to meet at a bar first just to make sure we connect and that your photos haven't been photoshopped to bits and your some 5' spooty midget ;o) . I do have photos ready and if you contact me I'll get some over to you its just I work in an office and other than the MD none . (contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (52) Out Transsexual in Bracknell:- I'm a discreet and straight TS thats just after a bit of fun, food and frolics meeting with RG and other similar trans. I enjoy being around others and enjoy nights out going for meals or just getting all glammed up and heading out for a night on the towns hitting some clubs. I'm happy to have night in should you prefer and have a good figure and yes as you can see from my pics real boobs and a curvy bottom. I'm pre op TS as I'm fully functional so yes(contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (57) Sissy CD Bracknell..
( profile with 90 photos uploaded) I'm a sissy crossdress thats a maid & sex slave to a dominant Mistress thats also a member here. First a little about me, I'm a 57 year old submissive crossdresser thats here to chat with other transvestites or crossdressers that have similar interests, hopefully leading towards meeting up. I do enjoy meeting with similar dressers as this started a while ago when I had a chance encounter with a transsexual after losing my late partner ( also TS/ TG ) being single my urges to dress and become a better female built up. I know my position and will treat all with respect and particularly when female members contact me. Im very discreet and enjoy most types of sexual encounters such as oral (can deep throat big cocks) spanking, BDSM, Watersports, role playing sex, etc ( but no scat) I am owned but my mistress does allow me meet others but I will have to show her your details and gain her permission. Thank you for reading my profile and I hope you enjoy the photos i've posted in my profile. If you drop me a message (contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (42) Fetish wear TV Bracknell :
I'm a horny sexy TV thats able to accommodate or will travel to meet up. I'm NOT looking for females or male but meets with Bi couples, groups and other local TV/TS for some VERY naughty anything goes fun. I'm not new to meeting couples for threesomes or groups so know just how to please a group and had a group gangbang experience that was amazing and desperate to give it another go, any offers? I love fetish wear which is handy in groups as everything tends to get very wet and sticky so I'll be wearing PVC, latex and always with killer heels(contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (35) new Tgirl Bracknell /:-
I've been dressing along for a few months now so probably considered a newbie by most! Its about time that I started meeting up with others as dressing alone does get boring after a while. I do have a good look and with some TLC from a more experienced member feel that I could get away with going out (after dark) as I would love to try going to a Tgirl club. I'm bisexual and have been by since at school so know just how to please and I have a wicked tong! I'm happy to take on either role being top or bottom but would ideally like to meet a similar member so that we can enjoy swapping role between top and bottom. I live alone in Bracknell so meeting at mine is cool assuming you know what being discreet means and can (contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (61) Watersports TV Bracknell .. :- I'm a mature crossdressing thats able to accommodate in my home in Bracknell or wil travel but ideally local. I'm only looking to meet with other crossdressers for some fun including Anal sex, Voyeurism, Wanking and Watersports any or all are optional just tell me what your into. I'm not out as I wouldn't class myself as being very convincing so tend to keep all meets indoors only. I have meet with admirers in the past and they have commented on just how convincing I look and sexy its just I don't go out. Something I would like to experience is a threesome meeting with two other xdressers, or just as happy to meet with single members but NOT admirers and only other CD/TV/TS and just for NSA fun. If you like I can also do housework (contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (44) Boot loving Bracknell tranny :- I have a passion for high boots and here to meet up with other CD/TV/TS members or GG that enjoy being around TVs. I'm fun loving bi-curious CD/TV and WLTM some others for sexy fun whilst dressed and always in my high boots. I'm out and happy to head out to a show or going some place so drop me a message and lets (contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (55) Bi TV for fun :-
I'm just a Tv that cant say no and here to meet GG and other trannies for some fun. I love extreme make overs by others and then once transformed into your dream date we can have some fun all day ! Not looking to meet guys so only other GG & tvs pls . (contact this member)
View Ads - Click Here (47) BBW TV Bracknell:
hi every one I'm a BBW transvestite so I have a fuller figure and all those sexy bumps in the right places. I'm only looking for other trannies and like to get out and enjoy myself. I only go out at night and just love walking around all dressed feminine as it makes me feel so horny . I'm here to meet up with others for some fun so how about dropping me a line and lets arrange to hook up (contact this member)


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