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We don't often single out and feature members, but when you have such a sexy Peterborough transsexual like this member...well, you read her personals advert and see

feature advert :- View Ads - Click Here( Peterborough pre op transsexual)

Will meet :- Females, couples, CD / TV / TS for safe sex including Anal, Fisting & Oral sex ( due to the length of this personals advert below is an edited copy )

Personals advert :-Please read all of my advert as its quite long and it will help you understand about me and just what a trans women is...I'm a TS woman thats looking to experience meets with members and if you do contact me without reading all my advert, then chances are I may not respond ......true its long but it tells you a lot about me and the types of people I want to meet with .

This is all new to me and its only on this contacts website that I've admitted to being a "trans woman" as I feel this way it will stop any confusion - as I am a female although a pre op. I live my life as a female and live, work as a woman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and dressing isn't some fetish or turn on thing this is MY life

If you walked pass me all you would see is tall, very well dressed female and other than wondering about me as to why I'm so smart then you wouldn't look twice, other than of course for the right reasons ...because you've looked at mine and seen sexy fabulous female that has legs any women would die for ..long, yes, see my photos ..

I do dress very well when I'm out and I couldn't really pin it down to a style but I know know I've never had any issues and very few men would ever know even when talking, maybe "some" woman would pick up on gesture or mannerism but by looks, makeup or manner no never.

Regarding my photos, yes before you send a message asking if they really are me, they are, but I've blocked the facial detail as I don't want others to know that I'm a pre op TS and not a women , true its unlikely someone would be a member of this site thats not into transsexual, transvestites, but its something within my life i want to keep private don't wish to be identified as 'trans' in public. When we chat either by message or chatroom I will send photo's that show my face

I am married and my wife accepts me for the woman that I am and is incredibly supportive throughout my transition and I'm genuinely a very lucky person to have this type of relationship thats very rare. We do live together sharing our lives in all things but one in that we have no sexual life we me being another female.

Needless to say I do fully understand as I would be expecting to make love to me as another women but for this it would take her to shift in her sexual orientation, maybe one day, but certainly not yet, its for this reason I've joined this contacts website and with her approval.

I have needs as a person and whilst on hormones this has meant my genitalia is redundant I still have extremely good fingers, lips and a tongue that I can give pleasure with and the orifices that will receive it! If you need clarification YES that little bulge in my knickers is my penis & balls (well for the time being :-( anyway ), with the hormones its very small and virtually non-functioning, which is fine by me as I get to wear fabulously sexy panties..

So, after all of the above, your still interested in talking to me and maybe meeting then please contact me as I now want to experience sexual and intimate pleasures and all it's senses and by far I'd love to experience shared fun with a couple, with me giving oral to a woman whist being fucked by a guy, perhaps being fisted by a woman as I've seen several video's and it just makes me so hot and whilst I'm not interested in single guys, "if" the right guy contacted me well . ( Contact the member)

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