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Femboy First Time Dogging Dorset Carpark   ..

I love sex in public places and met my current boyfriend from a Femboy dogging forum I was reading where this little sweetie was telling about what she got up too alone !! Now I’m not crazy and would never go out around Dorset dressed in my finniest sexy outfit…but when my boyfriend told me that he would love to watch me sucking guys off and getting fuck outside I got so horny we needed to do something about it, then he fucked me and I’m sure I know what he was thinking about !



We did a little reading and contacted a few other dogging femboys we saw from the forum, and they advised the best way to meet up was via pre arrange meets, this way you knew the guys were into dogging femboys, after all its dark and with my figure and looks until you got VERY close you would assume I was female! FUCK what a shock you would have putting your hands up my skirt!


We used the Dogging forum here and after posting details waiting around a bit, mostly checking out other Dorset femboys and guys. Returning to the forum and still nothing so left the site till the next day. On returning a few guys had posted that they wanted to meet up…YES FUCK..  WE already had planned a place to meet that was pretty private and probably not even on the Dorset Dogging map, is there one?


Sexy top and very short Mini Skirt..

Time and date were set. We’d messaged 3 guys to meet us, which had they all turned up I would have ran even with my heels, but the other Dogging Femboy we spoke to said a lot of guys never show and after getting ready we wanted to make sure someone was going to turn up.


My boyfriend has a white van that use uses for work and keeps it VERY clean, perfect! With the van it also means if we are a little unsure how private we can always move inside

shut the doors and still have some fun. I got ready and being a summers night just put on a little crop top, mini skirt and sandals. But I looked HOT and of course very slutty sexy makeup. I don’t use a wig as my hair is long already and so we were ready to head out.


Pulling into the car park it was surprising light probably due to the full moon. We drove onto the park and headed towards the corner as that’s where my boyfriend told we would park up. There were already cars parked up. They knew what to look out as I we didn’t want to flash lights and have strangers walking over.


Parking up I got into the back of the van and my boyfriend walked around the side and opened the doors. I could hear car doors going and the guys walked up and introduced themselves.


Sitting on the side of the van I pulled my skirt up and watched there reactions as I started to play with myself, I was already very excited and hard and desperate to get some cock action. My boyfriend wanted to video this so we could watch later.


He pushed his cock hard inside me ..

Watching the guys they got there cocks out and were just as hard as I was and moving away from the van towards I knelt down and took hold of both wanking and sucking each one off. It felt so amazing being outdoors nearly naked and playing with 2 hard cocks. I wasn’t paying much attention to my boyfriend until he moved behind me and started playing with my nipples.


He knows this gets me VERY turn on and the guys commented on how hard my nipples were, this made him pinch them then VERY hard and he knew if he carried on I would cum. Moving his hands away he pulled me up and I was bending over showing my little bottom and femboy pussy.


Feeling him up behind me I was still sucking one off and had already had some sweet pre cum dripping from him and knew he would soon reward me as I’m a a complete cum whore so pulled him deeper inside.


I then felt the tip of my boyfriend’s cock against my pussy and relaxing for him as he’s very large he slipped his cock all the way inside and started to fuck me hard. With a cock in my mouth, one in my femboy pussy and wanking the other I was so excited I started to cum..


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