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Its interesting when looking at personals that some join to meet for friendships, others something a little bit more naughty / fun ;o) and when checking out personals I noticed this feature Dorchester Transvestite thats NOT meeting but looking for online friends...

Now if thats not your scene and you want something lets say more hot and sweaty then read further samples below

Feature:- scene View Ads - Click Here (Dorchester TV) Hiya its Jamie here ;o) before you read my personals advert I'm not currently meeting up with members right now, I've been a member here for over five years now and have had loads of fun meets, but not right now...if you have a webcam however maybe we can meet up there as I do enjoy meeting online with others that have a similar interests & fascinations

I'm not constricted to gender, age or now location so really if you have a similar interests in life or maybe some of the things I sexually enjoy perhaps we can chat and being online location is not a problem anymore...A little about me, I've been xdressing for a long time, in fact longer than I care to think about and really enjoy the local scene ....

My sexuallarty is bi, but I don't think just saying your a bi transvestite really sums me up as I do enjoy meeting with intriguing people that have great personalities and often myself being more attracted by someones personally that just there sex and do enjoy being around confident people ... If I had to pin my sexual interests they are vast but overwhelmingly with a strong kinky and submissive side flowing through and I have an enjoyment of fetishes… so please, don’t shy when talking to me I don't shock.

My meets / cam meets now are mostly at night and I'm a bit of a night owl staying up and online very late, so if you see me around and its getting late grab some offer and assuming you have a cam lets chat, but be warned we'll be chatting most of the night and you'll need to be able to hold a good conversation and not just about whats happened on the soaps...I’m very laid back (contact the member)

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View Ads - Click Here (56) CD/TV/TS Dorchester..I'm a bi-sexual tv / cd thats here for some fun meets with tv / cd girlie fun & hopefully some friendships. I joined the site as I was finding that I was starting to slip back into the closet as I'm a married TV and the wife does'nt know, but I really want to meet with local members as we recently moved to Dorset and I'm finding myself with no local contacts and as I have a lot of bi urges really would like to meet with local . (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (65) CD/TV/TS Dorchester.. I'm only seeking meets with likeminded members so only other CDs / TVs/ TS members guys thanks but no thanks. As you can see I'm a mature Tranny and have been involved within the crossdressing and transvestite scene for forty years now but I now find myself as at a cross-roads and not really of the direction to head. I xdress 24/7 normally wearing something femme under my daytime cloths but once home I slip into something much more feminine and what I feel at home wearing and with the help of my wife sort of my make up and transform me. My look is more about blending in than being sexy and I do enjoy the company of others espceally those members that really put the similar type of effort that I do. I enjoy meeting up to build friendships, have a coffee and swap tales, but I have no interest in taking that towards the bedroom and ideally would like to find a local friend so that we could head towards a coffee shop and sit back and have a (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (32) CD/TV/TS Dorchester :- I'm an extremely convinicing TV Tart thats here to meet with other gurls for some fun and going out. I love dressing all sexy but would love to meet with some local freinds ( other gurlies only) for dressing nights in or maybe even heading out for fun. I'm in my thirties and looking for members of a similar. (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (33) CD/TV/TS Dorchester :-I'm a bit of a exibitionist and love to meet with guys outdoors for some flash fun and outdoors sex. I know lots of places we can meet and if you drop me a line I'll tell you where I'll be and I'll be dressed ready to flash and fuck you ;o) I love to dress sexy and now want to start meeting with more for outdoor sex in dorechester. I have a good selection of .. (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (49) CD/TV/TS Dorchester..Hell I'm Sophie and sissy crossdresser thats here to meet with all members for some fun. I'm very gurlie and only looking to meet with members that will treat me as a little gurlie . I have a good wardrobe and will please you in any way required so long as I'm the female role. When meeting with females you'll need to bring your strap on . (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (34) CD/TV/TS Dorchester I really hate writing these profile things, other always seem so interesting and I'm clueless to watch to say, so I've posted some photos that hopefully will do a lot more than me just going on about being some horny young tranvestite ;o) I'm only looking for other crossdrseers / travestites for mutual dressing fun and maybe more but until we meet (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (34) Dorchester Transsexual :- anybody want fun tonight??? I know some good Dorchester dogging sites and love to please others. I'm a TS and I'm saving like crazy so that I can buy my own breast as I really want to live full time as a female althougth will never have the op as i'm attached to him ;o) I'm VERY convincing as a TS woman and will meet with all that enjoy lots of fun. I'm bi TS and enjoy the company of men & women but around (contact the member)
View Ads - Click Here (56) CD/TV/TS Dorchester :-I'm a young at heart fifty something TV / CD that feels a lot younger when dressed and meeting with others. I am married and as I'm not out to my wife meets do have to be vert disceet. I'm quite short at only 5'6" and have been told by "friends" that when I'm dressed I look passible and could go out, but being married does restrict this. I'm looking to meet with others to share fun dressing times and other gurlie (contact the member)

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