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Dogging Femboy Meet Hampshire Carpark   ..

I’ve always enjoyed the dogging scene and have meet with some nice contacts, but this was my first time being treated basically as a slut, I know my looks does mean men just like to use me, and if I’m honest I LOVE it, especially if I’ve got my little school girl uniform on with white panties, hehe tease YEP. But I’ve been told I have the figure for it so I flaunt it.


I headed out and was basically dressed for SEX. I was planning on meeting another fem trans called Debbie that I had meet online and we both love sex in public. She was 21, small build, little tits and an amazing tong that she was able to get deep inside my femboy pussy.


Getting to the carpark it was very quiet, but it was off the Hampshire Dogging radar so to speak and just a little car park I knew about with a small public toilet. It was a quite night a few guys around and sitting back I was getting bored when I saw a car pulling into the car park and pulling up close. My heart jumped as I was sure it was Debbie as I was sure that was her van.


Pushed his hand under my Skirt.

Putting the car interior light to let Debbie know I was here and reapplying my lippy, getting out of the van I saw this tall figure of a man walking over. I knew straight away this wasn’t Debbie as she had a very small build.


Walking towards me it was a little bit of a worry, he was mature, tall, looked well-built and knew if he wanted to could snap my little figure…


Should I drive away, after all what he was expecting a female rather than a sweet Femboy! so many things were rushing through my head but getting closer I opened the window and adjusted myself showing off my slim stocking legs and opened my blouse a little showing off my little cleavage. Leaning into the car he he looked at me and putting his hands onto my legs ran up and under my skirt. By now I was already excited, and he soon found my sissy cock.


My heart jumped but then told me to head towards the toilets, it was more an order than asking and said it in a very domineering way that turned me on so much. He was clearly little older than me and whilst I had some “ Daddy” experiences not many. Getting out of the car I walked over into the toilets.


Walking into the toilets my heels were making so much noise it was like I was announcing that I was here and walking into cubicle I stood there waiting with the door open just a little, I could then hear someone walking in, my heart was racing and pushing the door open he walked in.


Opening my mouth he pushed is cock in   ..

Closing the door behind him he locked and looking at me “ you’re a little sweetie aren’t you” I wasn’t sure what to say but just smiled. Then told me. I want you to get on your knees, open your femboy mouth wide and suck my cock til I cum, then thank me”. With that I moved forward and kneeling down unzipped his trousers.


His trousers fell to the floor and getting his cock out he was huge, and still limp, pushing cock into my mouth, he filled it and started to fuck my mouth hard thrusting deep inside me and was fucking me so hard. His cock grew so big in my mouth all the time calling me a Femboy slut and I was going to drink every drop of cum till I couldn’t handle anymore.


It was so hard, intense I really felt like he was raping my mouth and fucking so deep that I prayed he wasn’t going to last long. I could feel him tensing up and by now was so worked up I pulled him hard against me and his cum hit the back of my throat, unloaded all cum.


Swallowing back every drop I sucked him hard swallowing it and getting my reward, pulling his cock out I pulled his trousers up and standing up he put his hand under my skirt and found my little femboy cock with cum dripping from it and cum soaked panties. “ Good Girl”   turned around and walked out..