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Don't you just hate it you move away and suddenly all the hot Basingstoke trannys start joining up .....I'm moving back ;o)

To give you some idea of just what I’m talking about i’ve added this feature page showing some of the Basingstoke transvestite members and there pics ;o) enjoy.


But one question … Transvestite clubs in Basingstoke…..ugh like where. It was only whilst reading a Basingstoke transsexuals persona advert that I noticed a reference made to a tranny club.


Now whilst i’ve not lived in this Hampshire town for some years I don’t know any bars or clubs …do you?

Example profiles, genuine member profile photos and FREE local access via links posted on this page ...then join.

In fact the only tranny clubs I know of at based in Soton or Pompy, although I guessing here but I bet the reference is made about the London clubbing scene where lets be honest theres just a few to choose from ;o).


If however a club has open in Basingstoke please drop me a message ( email link above) and I’ll be happy to tell other Basingstoke trannies and admirers about it here