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The Northampton Transvestite members base is the strongest within this E.Mids county and clearly if your looking for local Northampton trannies you can be sure that search won't take you long

To give you some idea below are recently accessed personals posted by Northampton transsexuals that are looking for meets with other TV/TS/CD now....and not forgetting there admirers ;o)

The feature profile below has not only posted an extremely detailed personals advert but uploaded over 200 thats how to get people looking at your profile, sure are heck caught this admirers attention ;o) .....Please note for member security and privacy all images and photos have been edited. As member you'll have access to unedited media

Feature:- View Ads Click Here.. ( Northampton CD ) I'm quite an inexperienced Northampton crossdresser thats here for some discreet fun and friendship. I only recently started xdressing after losing a lot of weight and whilst I only started in the last year dressing I'm enjoying it immensely and as you can see from my photos I now have a few !! outfits..

I'm defiantly a newbie both dressing and with meeting with others and looking to hear from other CDs /TV/ TS and females first keeping it 'vegetarian' :-) but I will never say never so you don't know what will or could develop..

As you can see from my photos I enjoy secrete trips going out that does push my make up skills and enjoy planning my trips and my new founded second life exhilarating, and even eagerly await the new Avon catalogues dropping in

I'm here to find someone that will share in my passion for fun shopping trips in department stores along with meeting others for photo & dressing / makeup fun and whilst I don't do a bad job with my make up I'd love to meet someone that really knew how to dress and transform a crossdresser, maybe meeting with another CD so we can help each other.. Since loosing all my weight my second life is helping me focus and making sure it doesn't creep back and I'm a truly friendly and very down to earth person thats easy to talk to and a good listener .. ( contact members)

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View Ads Click Here.. (42) CD/TV/TS Northampton.. I'm an owned submissive sissy bitch thats been instructed by my mistress to meet with males so that I can better my oral skills by sucking a real cock and she's expressed an interest in me meeting with a black male and my training is ongoing.She does enjoy humiliating and belittling me as I am a pathetic sissy crossdresser that has a tiny cock and I'm only useful for being a rimming slut and used for my oral skills in sucking others off. This profile has been posted for her amusement and another way for her to humiliate me and I'm looking to meet and chat with others exchange ideas and accept just what my role is as her sissy crossdressing plaything. Should you have any ideas to humiliate me please feel free with scenarios you have in mind. I've been told that I'm to be used for blow jobs to completion, anal, rimming others, fist fucked, taking watersports and doing my best to please her. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (34) CD/TV/TS Northampton..I'm a sexy, leggy and naughty TV thats able to accommodate and looking for fun meets with singles, couples & groups. I'm after some fun times with members and I really enjoy my dressing times but now want to take things further by meeting up with others. I'm a pretty sexy TV with great legs, tight bum and I'm here to try most things including anal, oral, threesomes, role playing meets plus more. If theres any VWE guys that want to meet drop me a line as it would be nice . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) CD/TV/TS Northampton.. I'm not here for sex contacts I'm only looking for friendships and maybe someone to meet with and head into a transvestite club. I use a club near Milton Keynes and it would be nice to have a friend with me. I'm married and my wife does know about my other side and fully supports me. I'm only seeking friendships in Northants so if you want to know more about me or meet up drop me a message as i'd love to . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (30) CD/TV/TS Northampton.. I'm quite a shy TV and hopefully joining this site will help me meet with male admirers and other TV/TS/Cd members. I'm after some fun & building friendships. Sexually I've been fantasying about having sex with another giving oral and getting a mouthful of cum and swallowing it back and if you think . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (34) CD/TV/TS Northampton..I'm looking to meet around Northampton and whilst I'm happy to meet up in public locations would prefer not to hit the tranny bars / clubs but rather a park or a forest ( after all we have a few ;o) I'm 29 years and here to meet with similar members for dressing fun and going out and doing photo shoots. I'm a pretty TV and have been told I am passable and love dressing with high heels, stockings and normally something short and sexy. I'm happy to meet with all members as I do love to tease and get all feminine around admirers and will make sure you have lots of fun (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (41) CD/TV/TS Northampton.. Hello I'm a single Northants TGirl thats bi and looking for some fun with males, females or couples and being single meeting at mine is fine although as you can see from my pics I'm just as happy outdoors as well. I'm transsexual girl thats experimental, honest, sensuous and just love meeting others and being pleased and pleasing them with lots of kissing, cuddling plus all the other fun stuff, ladies bring your strapon on, guys your cock lol..I love everything sensual but also a bit of role playing fun with some spanking & bondage. I can be switch if you want but I'm more at home being the submissive one. I'm happy to meet up outdoors for a walk in the woods or just hitting the shops probably with a RG but guys are still . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (53) CD/TV/TS Northampton:- (profile with over 20 photos) I'm a 48 year "young" transvestite thats been dressing for years and indeed started dressing when I was a young boy. I dress fully wearing wig, full makeup and have a good figure. I'm here to meet with all members for fun and enjoy O both ways but I'm a bottom transvestite so only take anal. If your genuine and interested . . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (46) CD/TV/TS Northampton:- I'm a easy going sexy TV thats just loves to have sex and being bisexual happy to hear from all members. I like to escape from life sometimes and have NSA fun with fun members and when meeting I dress feminine and enjoy being a transvestite. I wear sexy dress, underwear, wig, make up in fact everything to take on the feminine look. I'm not greatly experienced but a keen learner so hopefully we can muddle on and have some fun. If I've caught your interest then please drop me a line. I can accommodate so if you think we can have some fun please get in touch. P .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (51) CD/TV/TS Northampton..I'm a submissive tv slave thats here to be trained by dominate members. I'm 47 years old 5' 6" and average build. I'm single so can accommodate and will dress fully with wig. I'm only seeking dominant females, males, couples and would consider being a full time sex slave and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (42) CD/TV/TS , Northampton..I'm a new tgirl to this site but I'm experienced in lots of ways and looking to meet females, couples or other tgirls. I'm a convincing tgirl that love to wear figure hugging outfits that show off my slim figure with lots of silk as I do love the feeling of silk against my skin. I'm able to accommodate or travel so if you fancy meeting up drop me a line and lets . (contact members)

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