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Theres a lot more to Newmarket other than just horses, although from looking at some of the personals they are clearly hung like them ;o) welcome to the Newmarket Transvestites preview page

For those 'few" that are new to this site, welcome... where have you been? Here we offer a little introduction into some of the members so that you can see from a glance just whats on offer from Newmarket trannies and clearly thats FUN....;o)

As a member of the site you'll be able to do a lot more than just look as you'll be able to post your own profile, upload photos, get involved with forum discussions, live webchat so much more that will help you meet with local Newmarket transsexuals & fact if you read here it will details all the great features we give our members for free

The real question is do you want fun? in that case enjoy the samples below that are all here just for that reason ...Please note images / personals edited to protect members

Feature :- View Ads Click Here.. (Suffolk, Newmarket CD) .. I'm a forty something virgin cd thats here to meet with male & female admirers and other crossdressers.

I've been dress off and on for some years but I've never been into a social / sex scene and thought it was about time to do something about it. I'm quite a convincing CD once made up, however I am a bigger crossdresser so if your looking for some stick thin xdresser you better look elsewhere ..

I do love dressing for fun wearing lingerie,stockings but also have a couple of uniforms one of which is a sexy little PVC maid uniform that I'm keen to wear when meeting up so that I can be your CD maid, i'm also looking at getting some sissy outfits soon.

I do want to explore further with inform wear and fetish role playing meets as I do love wearing uniforms and looking to buy nurse, CD schoolgirl as well as just dressing a sexy outfit for fun sexual experiences, but they take time to buy. What that does mean is I'm a bit of a blank canvas for someone to mould into the right types of dresser for them..

I'm happy to try most types of sex other than scat or pain. If you want to meet with a BBW tranny for some fun meets let me know, however I'm not able to accommodate but I do enjoy dogging and maybe we can pre arrange to meet up around a Newmarket dogging site for some outdoor fun. I'm very genuine and won't waste your time if we arrange to meet up somewhere as I now want to explore my bi/gay side meeting with other CDs or males ( contact members)

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View Ads Click Here.. (57) Bi CD Newmarket.. I'm a 100% bi male thats happy to meet with females, males or couples, especially couples that enjoy the cuckold scene and they would like bi cuckold crossdresser for some bedroom fun. I love teasing and pleasing others and will seduce you / me and then we can enjoy pleasuring each other fully. I'm ready, waiting and an attractive very sexy crossdresser that enjoy wearing sexy undies for sex. I'm smooth and very easily aroused. I'm a switch dresser and can take on the dominant or submissive role and happy to take either role. I love lots of foreplay giving oral sex or being taken. I'm totally uninhibited bisexual dresser and looking. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (52) CD/TV/TS Newmarket .. I love to wearing anything short and sexy and with my quick wit looking to meet up wth other trannies only. I'm into my fiftes so I suppose mature-ish, but I'm a long way from being past it and love hot sexy meets with similar. I have long slim legs and a pert bottom. If you fancy meeting (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (34) Pre Op TS Newmarket/.. hello is there any guys here that want something a bit more than a quickie with a transwomen? if thats you then please read on, all others CYA.. I'm a full time TS that works for a very open company that excepted me as a transsexual so enabling me to live my life full time as a women. Because the way some are I've not posted photos just in case someone see me as no one other than a few very close friends know that I'm a TS, I do have photo ready in a private folder that I'll send you once you contact me. There seems to be some confusion over pre op / post op, basically pre still means I have my thingie and thats how its going to stay as I'm quite attached and do enjoy oral sex. I am passive in the bedroom so please don't ask if I fuck, I don't EVER. But we are jumping ahead a little here as I'm looking for a man that will "date" me, that means taking me out and getting to know each other before we start thinking about what roles we will take on in . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) CD/TV/TS Newmarket.. ( profile uploaded with 5 videos attached) I'm a Newmarket CD that just loves to dress whenever I get the chance and now wanting to meet with other similar CD/TVs I love wearing very sexy lingerie but I don't use make up or wigs. When dressed I get very horny and love meeting with CDs that have small gurlie cocks, not that I'll ever say no to a nice big fat cock, its just small cocks look so horny in thongs (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (56) newbie CD/TV Newmarket.. I'm a shy, petite TV with a good figure and dresses fully. I love making myself hot & sexy and whilst new to using adult personals websites keen to start meeting up with other TV/CD I've got a hot cute ass so how about dropping me a (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (50) newbie CD/TV Newmarket.. I'm a VERY sensuous tgirl thats here looking for love & fun. I'm quite new to local scene and only here to meet like minded tgirls so that we can spend an evening getting all dressed, make up then kissing, sucking and fucking. I'm really looking towards building a LTF ( long term friends. I do love wearing white see-through bra, stockings, suspenders with crotchless panties. Ideally members will need to be younger than me and prefer mid 40's. WE can meet at mine or yours and sorry, I don't have a webcam. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (54) CD/TV/TS Newmarket..I'm a mature TV that lives in the Newmarket / Suffolk area and happy to invite discreet admirers and other similar TVS to my hone for some fun. Its been very hard to find or meet with understanding male admirers and hopefully there are some guys here. I'm just after a bit of sexy fun and whilst I'm very feminine I'm not that unconvincing either. I would just love to meet someone that would treat me as a female with kissing, caressing, and , well lets see where the mood takes us as to what happens afterwards.. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (57) CD/TV/TS Newmarket .. I'm a part time TV thats here to meet with other local trannies either at mine or yours, but I'm also looking to find some good Newmarket Tranny clubs / bars or will travel across the East coast to a good venue, can anyone recommend one? or better still how about coming along with me. I'm just after some local fun and I'm 5'9" blue eyes, brown-ish hair and average build. I've spent the last few years going through the usual, phase of "should I, shan't I" regard my dressing and come to a stage wear I want to meet with others for some fun. If you enjoy dressing and local to me why not drop me a message and we can share some dressing fun and hopefully you can help with my poor make up skills as its something I've never been able to get right and (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (46) dogging in Newmarket/ .. Not sure what to post here so as I've only just joined. I'm looking for dogging meets around Newmarket! anyone interested I'll let you know by text message where I'll be so just drop (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (44) Newmarket TV .. I'm Ashlee Anderson and I'm an experienced transvestite thats been fully dressing now for over 20 years so you could say I have my look down well and happy to meet up with either newbies, trannies or guys that are just in-between and can't make there mind up, I'll soon show the right direction to head. Whilst I'm happy to meet all at my home or travel when contacting me can you have a face photo ready along with your contacts details otherwise if you don't I (contact members)

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