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Meeting up with Nuneaton transvestites has never been so easy and no longer is it a case of looking through outdated Classifieds adverts in the local press, now you can have instant access with local Nuneaton trannys right across this region ...

Featured here is a brief introduction to members that live within the Nuneaton and Bedworth region, although once a member you can access contacts anywhere within Warwickshire or indeed right across the West Midlands ..

One of the great things about the online scene is it doesn't matter where your level of dressing is or the types of personals your looking for you can be sure of meeting someone that will not only be interested in meeting you, but like the featured profile below maybe just looking to meet others for some dressing advice

But it doesn't end at just finding contacts as once a member you'll be able to access forums and chatrooms where theres a wealth of information and advice from other members like finding Nuneaton tranny clubs ( are there any?) dressing services, dogging sites and even local Nuneaton tranny escorts if you want to pay....the possibilities once a member really are endless ... and talking of members enjoy the samples below

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View Ads Click Here.. (24) TV/TS Nuneaton .. Hello I'm Miss Rayvon a young tgirl in Nuneaton thats here to meet with other TV/TS/Cd members and ideally a member thats more experienced as I would love some dressing and make up advice. I'm able to accommodate and would prefer members meeting at mine. I'm easy outgoing and enjoy most things and do enjoy getting fucked as I have. (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (49) dogging Nuneaton/ I love outdoor meets where I will meet males at pre arranged locations for some flashing and oral sex. I dont have anal outdoor sex as thats a bit too risky for me but I will flash in public and then when you nice and hard suck you till you cum. I'm quite convincing although don't head out till after dark. If your interested in meeting up drop me a message (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (59) Nuneaton TV Maid .. I'm a bi curious TV maid that lives in the Midlands and I'm here to meet up with all members that require my maid series. Hi, I'm Penny, a 59 year old TV that certainly doesn't act or look my age, least I think so, but alot younger. I'm a size 14-16 and have a 36-30-36 figure and enjoy dressing in sexy outfits and uniforms especially wearing maids uniforms. Once in uniform I like being used as one but not just for cleaning but sexual duties as well. Should you require me to fuck you I have a strap on I use.. Whilst I'm happy to meet couples and single tvs / females Im not into meeting guys along but only in a couple or another TV. I'm happy to try most things and can meet up during the daytime. When meeting total discretion is expected & assured back(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (50) CD/TV/TS Warwickshire, Nuneaton:- I'm here to meet all members that want to have some fun with a crossdresser . I'm not that convincing as I don't use make up and thats holding me back, anyone offer some make over tips I'd be very grateful. Dont be shy drop me a message and lets meet although it will have to be . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (56) BDSM Nuneaton:- I enjoy the bondage scene and I'm a total BDSM subservient transvestite thats looking for a long term relationship with a dominant female / mistress. I enjoy the fetish scene and being single offers me the freedom to meet with others when required. My reason for being here is especially to find a female that wants a LTR with a submissive TV and you'll need to be an experienced Mistress. I'm dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle and when not working I'm thinking of new bondage ideas by acting out role playing meets. I used to be involved with the midlands Fetish clubs scene but have grown separated from that community due others not respecting what BDSM is about. I do take this very seriously and being someones slave is not a game, its my life! this may seem all too OTT but for experienced dominatrices that (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (63) CD/TV/TS Warwickshire, Nuneaton:- I'm a mature bi sexual tranny thats every nice and eager to meet with other tv/ts/cd members. I've had some experiences with males but didn't find it that satisfying and now here to hopefully find similar males that enjoy wearing tights for sex along with sex lingerie. I will meet with (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (58) domme TV Nuneaton :- I'm here seeking new subjects for my entertainment for daytime training. I'm an assertive TV with a 36-30-36 figure. I enjoy using crop, cat-o'-nine, cane, slipper especially when meeting naughty l boys & girls, I enjoy meets outside but will travel or can accommodate. When meeting you must be (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (53 ) bi TV Warwickshire, Nuneaton :- ( profile with over 13 photos uploaded) Hello I'm Marcia Davis a slim convincing TGirl thats here for some fun meeting up with females, couples and other out trannies / tgirls. Im a 53 years "young" and as you can see from my photos I'm happy to get outside and meet up as I came out sometime ago so meeting outdoors certainly doesn't phrase me. I'm here to build good friendships that will hopefully lead onto some fun times either indoors or going out to clubs and bars. I take on the female role in the bedroom so passive. Oh sorry NO men I really not into having sex with guys not unless your a tranny . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (42) TS Nuneaton:- I'm a full time trans women thats not gone all the way yet so a pre op TS. I'm looking for a male partner, someone that enjoys being around trans women and thats also single as I'm not going to be someones bit on the side as I've done this before and don't find it fulfilling anymore. I live my life as a women and have done for 5 years and I'm lucky that I work for a company thats opened minded about this, plus I'm very good at my job ( call centre manager). I've been single for a few years now and I'm missing the company of a man someone that I can sit back and watch a film with ,go for nice meals out and being human have some fun in the bedroom. When you contact me I do have some photos I will send on its just I want to keep my real ID (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (38) webcam meets TV Nuneaton :- I'm only looking for online meets so if you looking to meet in person its pointless reading my advert as I'm not meeting other than online. I'm happy to meet up with all members for some chats and some online fun. I enjoy meeting others for webcam meets but this is for cam 2 cam meets as I want to see you. Most nights you'll find me in the tranny webcam chatroom so drop by. Don't just send a request please ask me first as getting blank requests from (contact members)

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