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She crawled up me to kiss me. I could taste my own cum mixed up with her saliva. I loved the taste and the feeling of her tongue twisting around mine. I swallowed it all. I wanted to blow her also as she had the sweetest femboy cock I’d seen and wanted it.


Her cock was huge, far bigger than mine and even though I’ve seen a more than a few Femboy movies her’s by far was one of the biggest, and I had to suck it. She was so sweet inside my mouth, shaven pubes as you would expect. My tongue ran over every vein on her erect cock and with tong made it wet and glistening and it was all I could do but look at her cock and wanted it.


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Moving behind me I could feel her huge cock against my butt hole. I must have turned her on because she managed to lubricate my ass so much even my ass cheeks were wet and sticky.


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Slowly pushing her cock up to the head inside me. I could feel my ass, feeling really tight as she tested her length and girth inside me. I felt a little pain but mostly pleasure to feel my ass get wet and squidgy as it was filling up. “Push it all the way in!”


I know she had no rubber on and was fucking me bareback but I just didn’t care and I was so wet it glided all the way up to the hilt inside me and mu pussy just opened for her, as thrust deep into me and pushing my ass towards her she was able to take me hard.


Calling out “faster!” She was fucking me with such vigour and moaning deep and loud now, I knew she wouldn’t last long, and I didn’t want this moment to end and she smelt incredibly sweet, watching her roll her head in pleasure..


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Feeling her balls against my ass and her boobs bounce as she was fucking me she pound my ass hole so hard which was squelching with juice. Lowered herself on me I our chests were pressed hard into each other rubbing together and lubricated in sweat.


Kissing as she fucked me, I held her tightly and pushing against her she was still able to take me so deep and hard. “I am cumming baby!” trusting her cock as so hard and fast I started to cum and a few seconds later I could feel her as she filled my ass with her cum.  Feeling her cum shooting inside me and cumming even harder it ran up her chest and onto the side of her face.


We laid back holding each other tight for several minutes as she was still inside me and we kissed each other. She slowly rolled off me and lay beside me . We feel asleep in each others arms and she fucked my brains out in the morning.