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Feature :- View Ads Click Here.. ( Sheffield TV) ..Hello all I'm a tranny and loving it especially cock. My name is Claire and I'm a transvestite in Sheffield that in my early forties. I've been xdressing now for sometime and always looking for ways to improve my look and behave like a real female and when meeting up prefer members treat me as one...

I'm bi and happy to meet with all members preferably taking place at someone's home so we can get to know each other chatting and seeing just what develops slowly... Saying that I do have a slutty fun side and not completely against meeting up with an admirer and acting slut like and a quickie suck / fuck.

I can only meet with members at there home and don't mind traveling around South Yorks, or further a field, so it will have to be at yours or neutral ground as I do enjoy a bit of outdoor sex and when meeting up outdoors I tend to dress to blend in so more conservative, but still very slutty underneath.

I am as you can see from my pics a fuller figure transvestite so no stick thin supermodel, so you will need to be an admirer of curvy trannies, but hopefully that won't put you off plus it means you've got something to grip hold off as your pound your cock into me

I do have natural boobs and wear a C cup bra and I've got no interest in taking it further and going for a full transformation so do have a cock thats average size and its always safe sex, although ( contact members)

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View Ads Click Here.. (47) CD/TV/TS Sheffield.. (feature top image used for this member) I'm a Bi tranny thats only here to meet with other tv/ts/cd members. I love dressing up and then having lots of fun and wear nylons, heels and have a few role playing uniforms for a bit of fun. I'm 47 and have had some meets and really enjoyed it and now .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (61) CD/TV/TS South Yorkshire, Sheffield.. I'm a slim mature transvestite thats looking to find some new and local friends as I'm able to accommodate in my home in Sheffield or can travel to meet up. I'm a slim tv thats 5'10" tall and convincing ( see my photos I've posted over 40) I am married and out with my wife thats fully (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (36) CD/TV/TS Sheffield ..shy Sheffield tgirl looking for some friends & fun. I;m 36 y/o and quite an inexperienced tgirl thats hoping to meet with others that will help me a long with my look and explore the tgirl thats within me... Im 5'10" in flays and normally brunette, with a good athletic figure and slim legs.. I've been dressing fully for a couple of years but its been the support and help from my gorgeous girlfriend thats got me to were I am now and we have a strong loving relationship that I'm totally committed with. I've never been out and hopefully with other tgirl friends maybe able to achieve this one day soon. I'm only looking for other tgirls for dressing fun and who knows..I do have uniforms, maids dresses and an interest in bdsm and would love a dominant tv to serve so (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (23) CD/TV/TS, Sheffield I'm a friendly, chatty and sexy tv thats everything all in one very tiny little package. My name is Robyn and I've got all the vises as I smoke, drink and fuck! I'm often in the TV chatroom and I'll chat with anyone ands love getting compliments as trust me it will get you everywhere. I'm a passionate TV and discreet so guys drop me a message and we (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (26) CD/TV/TS Sheffield.. I'm sexy,demure and an occasional dresser thats seeking meets with others for either a LTR or building friendships. I don't dress 247 but when I do I look sexy and whilst I'd dress more often its just down to timing. I'm in my early twenties, slim & only 5'4" tall. I' seeking males or females that want something other than just a quickie and would love to be just swept off my feet.. I have been out as I certainly think I'm more than convincing enough to not stand out and enjoy going to good restaurants, comedy shows and meeting up with friends. I am quite shy but please add me as a (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (42) Cuckold TV Sheffield I'm a married male that would like to be a forced cuckold to a dominant male. I'm a lover of wearing pantyhose and here to also meet with other pantyhose crossdressers or males that will help me with a arranging my unaware wife to become a hotwife and then cuckold me whilst I watch her (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (40) CD/TV/TS: Sheffield I'm here to meet with none smoking members as I'm bi and happy to meet with all, I'm looking for genuine horny and do enjoy some outdoor meets at dogging sites or sex in cars and being quite convincing I'm not concerned about heading out to meet. I'm a easy going CD thats not pushy and enjoy meeting with others that enjoy a bit of fun. I'm open minded and enjoy oral and wanting to better my anal skills and here for females, male (only bi guys) couples or other cd / tv. Ideally after something a little regular than just a one off and can be quite slutty with the right contacts. PS I've just meet a guy as a domme tranny and it was great and now want to meet with more submissive males so that I can (contact members)

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