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Help on Male to Female Transformation

but its not and you’ll be surprised how many join UK Transvestites Personals to get advice and help on there look.


The Subject of How to become a convincing transvestite is one I’m often seeing within the forums section in the members section along with some blog and chatroom discussions… and lets be honest if your interested in becoming better tranny or more passable where better to seek advice other than asking others that are already involved within the scene.


As a member you’ll be able to access the forums, blogs, chatrooms, and if a Premium member ( paid) then even the webcam chatrooms as well so finding the help and advice you need…..But to give you some idea on the tips posted I’ve detailed some of the questions along with answers posted by members.

How to become a convincing transvestite....or just better YOUR look ...

  • 1 – Know Your style …. Lets be honest we all come in different shapes and sizes and knowing your limits working to your own figure will help your transformation process and so successfully offering a passable male to female transformation – Often transwomen will look at women with a similar build to emulate there look, how far you mirror that look really depends on your level of transformation

  • 2 – Men are straight ….women have bumps ;o).. When looking at someone our first glance is normally towards there body shape and one way to also spot transvestite and our first impression of somebody’s gender is viewed largely on their body shape, but its something that can be resolved and probably one of the easier to achieve and relatively cheep too

  • 3 – Hello puppies, what my best size .. Getting the right shape starts from the top going down and nothing says women!!! than a good cleavage and thankfully transvestites don’t have to straight away think cosmetic surgery.. The lingerie industry has been helping RG for years and whilst I’m sure it was intended now transvestites can utilised not only from enchanting garments but also breast forms so no longer is a case of shoving tissues or socks ( clean ones I hope) into bras.

    One of the things with breast forms is the more you spend the better, and the quality really can range from a look thats clearly false to ones that will offer a natural cleavage with movement, bounce, weight, feel that you would expect.. Breast forums are worm within the bra or should you prefer directly attached to your body, but consider the size! after all you don’t want the “Babs” look not unless you want huge titties ;o)

  • 4 – Drop dead sexy curves ….. fact guys are straight, boring and put that alone into a dress don’t make for a sexy shape, so we need to consider some options other than just getting your puppies in place.. If you want the natural look then you’ll be needing some extra help to pull, tuck and poke out in the right places. Depending on your level of transformation this can be achieved by using corsets as these waist pulling garments will help achieve the hour glass shape. To give you the rear you want fillets in your panties can be used again very similar to breast forms.. Whilst you can spend a lot of money you an also achieve this with tights and the use of fillets attached..

  • 5- Does my make up look good ? .. it has to be one of the most posted questions, how to apply make up and get the contour and shape so that my masculine face is hidden and my look says feminine, sexy & convincing. One of the tell tail signs of spotting a transvestites that has poor make up skills is when they don’t address things like working on building up cheekbones, reducing the chin, and of course making sure your ultra smooth. Getting the right contouring makeup will help a lot and is the baseplate to create the feminine look …But how to use make up as a transvestite is something we need to return to as I can’t do that justice here, plus if I’m honest members have posted so many great advice tips I just want to use them here

  • 6 – Love the hair ….long or short? .. For most its a case of buying a wig and this is one of those times that you really do get what you pay for and wigs can start from next to nothing to hundreds. Only you can decide how much to spend and what look suits you the best ..

  • 7 – Buying that sexy little outfit… ignoring the fact that theres so many styes and looks along with some very sexy uniform role playing dress the part is one of the finishes touches. Finding the right look and more so fit is a case of looking at your shape and figure ( once lingerie is on) and finding styes that match your body shape

    Getting the right measurements is very important ensuring that you measure above the cups of your bra going across the fullest part and don’t make the classic mistake of pulling the tape tight !! after all you’ve gone to the effort of making your puppies stand out, you don’t want to flatten them. Getting the correct waste measurement is between your narrowest part, so around your hipbone / bottom of your rib cage.

  • 8 – Those all important fine details … this list really is endless, making sure you make up is good, nails are panted, no exposed body hair showing where it shouldn’t , eyebrows well sculptured and little finishing touches like jewellery, handbags are all things that will give you that all over feminine look

  • 9 .. I’m a lady, maybe a slutty naughty one, but still a lady .. Its all about the attitude and whether your looking at going shopping, hitting a straight bar or going to a local transvestites club you need to ensure you develop your personality.

Its all personal choice, for some members there goal “IS” to be passable and be confident enough to head to the shops, for others its just a case of slipping into some sexy lingerie and having fun with admirers or other trannies in the comfort of your home.


But if any of the above rings true with you as a member you’ll be able to access members that can help and direct you far better than the edited snippets I’ve posted here