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How to meet UK transvestites .... its probably the most posted question within social media sites like Facebook & Twitter.... but if your not sure you may find this "how to" page helpful

The first direct issue is where to meet transvestites and you really only have a few options those being at UK dogging sites, clubs, bars, saunas, sex cinemas ( yes apparently there are a few still going in the UK), personals Classifieds in newspapers and last but not least joining a personals website like this one

Whilst heading out and meeting trannies is fine for any of the above locations it does mean to say your assuming a few things, first the transvestite is out and second you've got the nerves to approach a transvestite in a public place .....and certainly for this admirer walking into a tranny night alone is NEVER going to happen, some are happy about it, I'm not

That leads us onto using about personals websites and right now your accessing one of the biggest UK Transvestites personals sites online

How best to meet a transvestite....whether an admirer or tranny yourself ...

Joining a personals site like this will give ANYONE the best chances to meet trannys but whilst being a member is one step in the right direction you have to consider just what you going to do as a member and likewise the profile you'll be uploading, get either of those two wrong and you'll never meet UK transvestites

These tips will help you .....first putting up your personals advert to attract members and get them wanting to contact YOU

1 - Username .... Pick a username thats easy to remember and maybe offers members some idea of what your after if your looking for a specific type of meets, i.e rubbersally / sissypaula / hantstgirl and so on ... As a side note make sure you pick a password thats easy to remember

Note - should you forget your username the admin staff can reset and send you a new one

2 - Killer Description ....after fun !!!.. When members search the site or indeed just check out members that are online NOW, the first thing they see after your username is your heading / description. So it needs to tell people in a couple of words why they should click on your profile, for example i.e Dominant transvestite mistress for male slaves , sissy crossdresser for cuckold couples only, newbie tranny after dressing help, advice and lots of fun... Any of those would help someone when looking for a contact, not a description like "looking for fun"

3 - Your Classifieds advert / personals .. this is your chance to tell people all about yourself, your likes, dislikes, what your after and with unlimited space you really can write as much as you want

I would recommend re-writing War'n'peace" but a good detailed profile goes a long way and means you'll be getting the type of responses that you want to hear from. Posting up a couple of lines really tells members nothing. If fact some members would look at this as though you really didn't care or could be bothered to write an interesting personals advert

4 - keywords.....use them ... When setting your advert up you can add keywords like socials, clubs meets, dogging, bondage, bareback, submissive, threesomes, gangbangs plus loads more. This will help a lot as when members are searching for contact they can also add keywords, so search for transvestites in Hampshire looking for threesomes. If you've used threesomes then your advert will be displayed.

5- photos, videos, best rule more is better ;o).. ok lets look at an sample if you had two personals ads, one with photos and one without, which one would you look at first? I know my answer.. Profiles with photos get ten times the clicks and with unlimited profile space you can post as many images as you like.... If you don't want to show your face block it out as just about every camera, phone and PC comes with basic editing softwear so blurring out a face takes no effort... Plus you also have private folders. This is were you can store images that are password protected so you control the images members see. This feature is often used where members block out faces within the visible images and store them in the private folder....

5 (a) - videos ;o))).. like photos you have unlimited space to post your videos, these can be anything from a greeting, something about yourself, showing off some new outfits, or just getting down and dirty

OK thats your personals ad sorted, easy really ;o))))

How best to contact and arrange to meet a transvestite......

Whilst getting your profile right is extremely important which is why I've detailed the main points about thats only half the process, the next is how best to contact trannies, or admirers

The site has LOADS of great ways to meet up and talk to members and if fact many view the site as an online community rather than just a sex contacts website. But the best way forward is by:-

1 - use the search .. the member search feature we have is extremely powerful and you can search with any preference such as age, size, sexual preference plus more ... then by location, county, town and distance!! ...Plus also keywords

This means its possible to perform very advance searching finding your idea contacts no matter what your preference is

2 - Contacting member via email .. all members have a free email account for correspondence and I would recommend you using this when contacting members as it does offer you some protect rather than giving your own private email address.

When sending messages to members make sure you've read the members profile fully first, after all if your sending a message to a TV/TS/CD and your an admirer and that member is only looking for other trannies your really just wasting your time.. Also send a good message not just asking loads of questions or worst still just telling a member to "read your profile and get back to you" LAME!!!!

3- Community features..... As a member you'll have access to great community features these include

3a - forums ...Transvestite forums offer a great place to meet up and read members discussions along with joining in and offering your viewpoint - Discussion range from local dogging sites, reviews on tranny clubs, dressing advice, to posting party details... But if you like you can just sit back and chat about the price of wigs ;o)

3b- live chatrooms you can talk live to members that are online now. Should you want you can arrange a private chatroom if you want a more private discussion

3c - webcam chatrooms ...member cam 2 cam chatrooms are extremely popular as not only can you talk live but see the member as well. If members post on there profile that they enjoy cam room meets then make sure you have your cam installed as most will only cam 2 cam

3d - member blogs ... into blogging? not sure what is it? blogging is an online journal when you can post anything you like from stores, your views on subjects and photos. Once posted you can leave you blog posting open so other can contribute or lock it for read only.... And whats even better ALL members have a free blog with the membership

Making contacts with UK transvestites has never been so easy .....

and it all starts with one easy step........joining us

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