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Looking to meet with trans women ? are you confused between pre op transsexuals and post op ts? either way one thing you can be assured of is if your here to meet with pre op transsexual contacts not only can we help but as you’ll see below these VERY sexy trans women are looking for YOU.


The pre op transsexuals and transvestite scene is often associated together but in reality a TS is about as far away from a TV as a bisexual guy is to a gay man…In one way you could say yes they are the same but in many other ways pre op TS are nothing like a TV.


You would think looking at a TS that they have the out would looks and style of any stylish TV but its whats going on inside that makes a transsexual so much more different both in the way they live there lives and the types of contacts they are looking for ….in fact many pre op transsexuals class themselves as being straight and looking for straight male admirers…now to anyone not understanding the TS scene thats enough straight away to through you into complete confusion.

Question ...Is a Pre Op Transsexual straight ?

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The short answer yes….and the reason is basically down to the fact that as a TS they class themselves as a trans women / women so why shouldn’t they be classed as straight and so seek out straight relationships with males …However thats not to say that all pre op TS class themselves as straight as I know quite a few that enjoy and sometimes prefer some gurls only fun…..but heck don’t “real” women as well …in our modern open society its really getting to a stage where sexual titles should be dropped …..long live pansexuality ;o)

Meeting with pre op transsexual females in the past has for some bizarre reason always left to the fetish type personals sites, quite why is clearly down to complete lack of understanding what a Pre Op Women is and one this for certain they are NOT men that are into some fetish scene ….a pre op TS is a chosen lifestyle often after many years of confusion over there sexuality

Now you can meet with UK pre Op transsexuals its the ONLY UK site for admirers and trans women ……..

This site was born out of frustration, that was MY frustration over not being able to meet with trans women so 15 years ago it was started with a single goal to help people meet up in a safe online community.


Within this community you’ll have access to pre op personals, search features to help you meet with local contacts, interactive features so you can chat online and even for those brave folks webcam chatroom but above all that you’ll know your in a safe members only website thats dedicated to helping pre op transsexual meets with men, females, couples and other TS.


To give you an idea posted below examples of the types  personals adverts from pre op ts contacts that are looking for meets NOW….At the top of the page you can access ALL counties and contacts and these pages include TV/TS/CD members but once a member you can filter these results….so enjoy and join us soon.