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Ok hands up who thought the Farnham transvestites scene was actually in the bought of Hants not Surrey....dont tell me I'm the one?

Thankfully it would seem the local Farnham trannies know where they live and more to the point the types of personals they are looking to meet you think your one ?

Below is just a few of the local members along with a feature below as I've used the members photo at the top of this page... enjoy

Feature ;- View Ads Click Here.. ( Farnham TV / CD) profile interests = Crossdressing, Sexual fetish meeting with other trannies and crossdressers only NO males

I've been dressing for many years and have a passion for wearing uniforms and have maids, brides and do love wearing full petticoats along with dresses, I also wear daytime wear and keen to meet with others that have a similar passion...

I'm new to the adult personals scene and have never meet with a TV/CD before ( least knowingly ) but it come to the time in my life where I want to start meeting others for some girlie fun enjoying ourselves & dressing. .( contact members)

below are some samples - in some cases media has been blocked at the request of the members - sample images that have been shown are edited to protect members ..

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I'm an attractive fifty something crossdresser thats here for friendships and meeting with other CD/TV/TS members and as I can accommodate we can meet up at mine or should you prefer I'm happy to travel to meet at yours. I'm not looking for guys just other xdressers. .(contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (60) Straight TV Farnham ..
I'm an mature transvestite thats straight and looking for the company of female admirers only as I d find I'm more comfortable in the company of females and I'm able to relate to them more, especially when dressed. I enjoy dressing and getting in touch with my feminine side and now want to meet with female admirers. I'm a sensitive & intelligent TV that keen to build relationships but only with females . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (42) Pre Op TS Farnham..
Hello, I'm Kelly a full time pre op TS thats here to meet a MAN. To save you asking, although you should know, I'm a pre op so this means I'm still packing something inside my knickers but its not been active for a long time due to hormone use. I do have a very feminine figure and whilst I do have real breast in my profile photos I've got some fillets just to give me a better cleavage, I'm waiting on a breast op and then the fillets can go! I life my life as a female and have been doing so for sometime and work in a bank call centre. I'm looking to meet a man that will treat me as a female and wants a bit more than just a quickie as I've been down that road many times and I'm now wanting a little more. This means I will only meet with single guys and ideally males aged between . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (45) CD Farnham..
Any males, females, couples or TV/TS/CD fancy some NSA fun? I've posted up a little collection of photos but I'm no where near what you would class as a convincing crossdresser but I do try my best. I'm clean friendly and totally smooth and I've posted a few photos of me in panties for you. I do keep my body VERY smooth as I love wearing stockings and hair legs and stockings don't really go hand in hand least not in stockings. I'm single but not able to accommodate although will travel to meet . (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (39) outdoor TV sex Farnham..
anyone enjoy some outdoor fun? I love flashing in public places and will dress fully and meet pre arranged outdoor locations for some flashing fun. If the location is private or you have a car local then I'm happy to offer oral only but thats as far as it goes at least outdoors. I know lots of places where we can meet and if you drop me a message i'll tell you where and when we can meet. If you like after we've meet up we can head back to mine and we can have some fun as i'm a bottom TV and love getting well fucked especially if your hung. Update. I'm going to be (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (27) BDSM Farnham ..
I'm a TV that has a fetish for wearing plastics, silks, pvc and have a huge collection of outfits and more mainstream female outfits as well. I'm looking to meet dominant members either males, females, couples or domme trannies for some role playing BDSM fun meets. I'm VERY submissive and do enjoy serving others within role playing bondage sex games and will offer any service required to please including anal, fisting, watersports and more! I do travel a lot around the UK so if your not local please still drop me a line as I maybe travelling in your direction and we could arrange to meet up. I have lots of sex toys, insertables, restraints and you can be sure I will (contact members)
View Ads Click Here.. (41) Farnham Transvestite..
I'm a crossdressing Bi male thats able to accommodate and looking to try all forms of fun meeting with males, females, couples & other xdressers. I'm new to the adult personals scene so please be gentle with me.. OK some info on me, Im a crossdresser thats joined the site for some NSA fun meets and hopefully building friendships with others for fun times. I do dress fully and I'm developing a strong liking for the taste for cock especially when a guy cums into my mouth, but I'm also just as happy to take anal sex as all my holes have been used and I'm more than able to take hung males. I dress to please using make up, nylons, and whilst I don't have many outfits I'm slowly building more up. Im quite interested in meeting for BDSM meets and happy to meet with anyone(contact members)

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