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There’s a LOT more to Warwickshire Transvestites scene than just an old castle, if not a very cool one, if you like castles personally as an admirer I’m more into sexy transvestites of which locally we have just a few !!


With its location right in the heart of the West Midlands meeting with local contacts is never going to how, but more so WHEN! And whilst the Midlands covers a huge aera personally I wouldn’t have any problems in jumping to one of the bigger cities, Coventry.


I did recently see on one of these “How To” sites about the best way to meet up with Warwickshire trannys ! After getting more than a few slaps for using that term the guy was pointed towards clubs and venues.


Telling someone to head to a local Warwickshire Trans club is fine if you are happy to visit these places with by the time you take West Midlands into account there are just a FEW…But this admirer would never be able to head into a club or bar and prefer meeting online.


The online scene has changed so much recently and no longer are they a dull place where you just upload a profile advert and some photos and hopefully wait for messages. Now members can get involved with live chats, forums & message boards.


Join us and not only view members personals but get involved with our online scene meeting members not only just in Warwickshire but right across the West Mids or UK