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You can’t image the frustration I had when I searched for Trafford transvestites clubs and nothing came up !! thankfully the village is only around the corner ;o).


I don’t normally search for clubs but just out of interest I did just to see what was going on as I had noticed a few Trafford tgirls saying about hitting a local club….although I since found out they were talking about one in town.


As you would expect from this city borough nothing is sleepy about Trafford shemales and trannys and whilst you would assume the most just head straight into town the online personals scene here is just as strong as many other major boroughs around the UK…in fact probably stronger, in fact theres no probably about it, as you’ll soon see

Its not so much HOW to meet Trafford Transgenders but when your going to join and have a bit of fun

Whilst Trafford isn’t a huge borough we do like to help out members and this means accessing local towns such as Altrincham, Partington, Sale, Stretford, and Urmston.


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